Fall Is In The Air

The weather here is spectacular!

The beauty in the change of the seasons is never lost on me.

God showed me this beautiful tapestry on my way up the ridge one evening around 7 p.m.


Right now we have cold mornings, cold evenings, and cool days with bright blue skies and sunshine!

The best!

This weekend my brain finally caught up to the fact that fall is in the air.

I had everyone join me in the big clothes switch-a-roo….digging in those totes in the attics for what will be needed and putting away what is not.

It is a BIG job!

But every single time it is such a blessing to find all the nice things that were saved to hand down to the boys!

I washed everything up. We are ready for you fall!


I have a pile of what is no longer needed to take to the consignment shop to sell.


Since I am hardly ever upstairs, I was blessed to see Addie’s new spot.

Addie has taken over Kayla’s desk she left behind (for now!)…..that thing is huge, heavy, and it will be a miracle to get it back down those farm house stairs!

It is such a nice getaway crafting spot!


While we were upstairs in those attics, I used the muscle I had with me to move the legos and lego table to the boys room. The loft will be a nice little spot for the littles to play this winter!


Addie has fall on the brain too, and she filled the kitchen with the aroma of spice cookies!




My camera snapped this photo one second before Eliza sneezed all over that whole tray of cookies!

Life with littles is the best!


Being outside in the afternoons is a must.

Cause I am smart enough to know this perfect weather won’t last forever!

Besides, everyone loves to be out on the farm!



Tate loves the cats and dogs now! And he is very gentle with them!







We are loving this fall air!

And everything that goes with it!!

Happy fall, everyone!!!