Embracing The Cold

Last week and this weekend were very cold here in our neck of the woods, so on Saturday we decided to embrace this winter wonderland we live in and go ice skating!

We invited some other families and kiddos, and headed over the bridge to a rink in Minnesota.

Oh my goodness, it was COLD!

But the kids had a blast – even the two littles who ice skated in a stroller!





Kayla, Clyde and I held down the snack station!



I think we will do this again soon! It was great exercise, a family friendly activity, and did not overwhelm our little two at all. I will say that it was dangerous! We came home with a jammed hand that is swollen and bruised, and a banged up cheek that is swollen and bruised. This Mama is just so thankful that no one was seriously hurt!!


I had a big smile yesterday, as the temperature was 32 degrees, our fire was turned off and Tate and Eliza were running around the house barefoot! It is all a matter of perspective…..because that is 40 degrees warmer than it was last week!

I think we still have a lot of winter to get through!

We will keep embracing the cold and enjoying it for all it’s worth!

It is beautifully blue and sunny today!!

Happy Wednesday, you all!

*I am thankful to read a daily update about precious Delainey, and she is still at home with hospice care. Please continue in prayer with us for her and her family!


  1. Ang says:

    Guess I shouldn’t mention the 70 degree sunshine we are having. Spring came early to Texas. So glad you are keeping warm, I don’t have enough clothes to live or even visit you.

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