Eliza’s New World

We are all just in AWE of how well Eliza is doing. I feel like we have put her through SO much….and yet she is adjusting to her new life very quickly. I even had a conversation with our caseworker about coming home from China and how much “new” would be here for her – so many more people, such a big house, the whole farm, so many animals, so much space. Eliza has taken it all in stride. It makes me all the more thankful for all that we went through with her while in China, because we literally flew away and left most of that sad, but very necessary, grieving behind.

Here is a peak into Eliza’s new world!!

Is there anything better than littles after their baths and in their pjs?







Being outside is one of Eliza’s favorite things. Coming back inside is not one of her favorite things!




We are making her world full of sensory type play. She does well touching and experiencing all these new things! They have not overwhelmed her at all.




Helping Kayla fill the lettuce tub was another sensory activity!


She also spends time playing on her own already. It is so sweet to watch!



Eliza is amazing. She mimics EVERYTHING we say, and then remembers it. I opened her shade to her room on Thursday morning and she starts yelling “Puppy! Anaya! Puppy! Swing! Outside!” just as clear as I would say it! But she still says many things in Chinese as well, as Addie Mae is still Jie Jie (pronounced jeh jeh) which means big sister. When Eliza is given something she says “xie, xie” (pronounced syeh, syeh) which means thank you. She also gave me a talking to in Chinese when I picked her up in the grocery store yesterday evening because it was time to go….I can only imagine what she was yelling at me!

Last night was the first night that Eliza slept all night long. Wish I could say the same for me! Jet lag is much worse than I could ever have imagined! Praying that we get completely through it soon, because I have plans to start school next week (might as well be productive while we are cocooning here!), and we have a garden that will need harvested and put up for winter! Eliza also has her first doctor appointments next week, music studies start again for Addie Mae, there are chiropractor appointments made……back to life full speed ahead! Jet lag, you better hit the road!

Life in Eliza’s new world is amazing. Praise be to God!


  1. Tracy says:

    How wonderful that she adjusting so well! Praise the Lord! I love that she scolded you in Chinese–too bad it wasn’t recorded! Is there anyone around with whom she could speak Chinese so she doesn’t lose it?

  2. Connie says:

    I love those sweet little toes. Praise the Lord for how well she is doing! Praying you soon will be sleeping through the night. So sweet of you to share your joy!

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