Early Mornings on the Farm

My favorite time of each day is from five to seven a.m.

Whether it is winter and I am snuggled inside in the quiet house, or summer and I am watching the farm come alive from the porch….it is just the best time of day!

Life on the farm starts very early.

Today was no exception, as one of our cows was being loaded up and will be filling our bare freezer with meat!


Our new fence and gate system worked perfectly!


Our cows are bucket trained. Grant stood in that trailer with a bucket of grain, shook it, and in the cow went.


There might have been a lump in the throat of the mama of this farm crew, who was taking these photos. Cause she is still a smig of a city slicker. And our cows have names. And are so cute! Sigh.


Chad gave him a good push, just to help him along.


It didn’t take long for every body else to figure out there was something important going on by that gate!





I think the horses thought they were going to get a ride somewhere too. Dyna was literally trying to nudge the door to the trailer back open with her nose!!


The cycle of life is so real on a farm.

So glad our kiddos have the opportunity to learn it!




Lump in my throat or not, it was another beautiful morning here on the farm!!

We are so blessed!!!!

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