Early Morning Rodeo

I was in the shower early Monday morning when Addie Mae knocked on the door to announce that our cows were gone.


Just to set this story in motion correctly…..I am still the city slicker of this crew of country bumkins. I manage the HOUSE of this amazing farm. Ok then.

(the photos in this post were taken after we were back home)


So, I did what any city slicker would do when the cows were gone, the hubby was gone traveling up north, and the manager of the farm is on her honeymoon.

I called the neighbor who has like a bazillion cows.

And then Grant and I got in the van with a bucket full of grain to go and look for them.




So thankful I called that neighbor though, because as soon as someone on this ridge saw those cows roaming around, they called him too thinking they were his! Now at least we knew where they were!

Once we found them and I realized this was no job for the two of us, I called Addie Mae and told her to get some peeps out of bed.




The four of us got them about half way home, and then these huge beasts were having none of this “you are taking us home” stuff. We were headed back the other direction, which was NOT ok.

So I called another neighbor. And she came to our rescue and helped us the rest of the way in!



The coyotes have been loud around here lately – I wonder if the cows got spooked. They left a mangled mess of our fence. They will remain in their winter home in the paddock now, even though we would not have moved them this early.





I love this country life, but I am still a city slicker!

For sure.

The end.

P.S. Thank you for your excitement about our little Tate!!!! We had so much fun sharing our blessing with you!! The kids laughed that my phone was about to explode as the texts and e-mails started coming in!! We appreciate your prayers and your support SO much!!!


  1. Lisa says:

    The four dreaded words “The Cows Are Out!” sends chills through my bones. This is been a year of “Houdinis” in this house as well. Our cows have found every possible start of a problem in our fences, and had grand times making new and improved ones. I’m feeling your pain over here….and rejoicing with you that you got them in safely. 🙂

    • Steph says:

      We have houdinis here too! Tuesday the goats were standing in the yard and they let all the chickens out with them! At least we are never bored ;0)

  2. Connie says:

    I had to chuckle when I saw the warning for the electric fence sign on the downed fence. Don’t think the cattle cared very much whether it was there or not! Seriously, I know how much work it can be to round up the stray cattle. So thankful that you were able to get them home again. You just needed a bit more excitement in your lives evidently! Love you!

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