Don’t Stand Still

There are a couple times each year that my hubby will tell the children “Don’t stand still today, or your Mom will get rid of you too!”

Very funny, honey.

Ok, well, there might be some truth to that.

A couple of times each year I get on a pretty big deep cleaning and purging kick.

Since today it is 50 (FIFTY) degrees warmer than it was Thursday morning…a little spring cleaning was in order.

You can blame it on this awesome weather!

A beautiful sunny spring like 39 degrees!

It is all a matter of perspective, people!

Where were we…oh, yes…

Two little people took Blake’s words literally.

When I had the two couches pulled together as I cleaned behind them, they bounced to their hearts content.



The smiles and giggles were contagious!





I have hit just about every room in this huge ‘ol farm house in some way or another.

I did force kindly ask two of the boys to try on clothes for me.

So we pulled the clothes totes out of the attics and got to work.




Grant helped out. He was my muscles.


The sizes we needed are waiting for the wash machine. The sizes that we are done with are all packed away. The only bad news is that Chad has officially caught up to Grant in size. There will be some shopping in order!

Ahhhh….that’s better! All clean again!


There are actually five seasons when you live on a farm.

Summer, fall, winter, mud season, and then spring.

We are about to enter mud season.

The rate that the snow is melting today, I think it will start sometime this week.

Mud season is a loosing battle. Seriously.

I did get all the snow clothes and snow boots put away today and set the mucking boots out.

Do you think our little sweet pea will put those cute little muckers on her feet?


Ahhhh…the mud room is sparkling too!


We all agreed it was time to take a break until we need to make dinner.

Chad and Lane decided their break would be riding bikes out in the hay loft.

Eliza wanted to go to, so Grant blessed me and went out to watch her.

The house is pretty quiet! I decided my break would be sitting still writing to you all!

I may or may not have snoozed just a little while the photos were downloading.

I justified it since it is daylight savings time tonight, and an hour will be lost.

Don’t forget!

We have a crazy couple of weeks ahead, and so I am grateful for a day to get things in order.

And for these warmer temperatures and melting snow!

Mud season? Bring it on!


  1. Lisa says:

    Yep. Mud season So glad to see winter leaving. So sorry to see the mud come in the house. (Bekah says) “Oh wait, it’s always there anyway!”

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