Doctors and Dresses

Our week is flying by! We have been spending a lot of time this week at the hospital with Eliza for appointments with different specialists. I thought pulling back in the parking lot there today would make Eliza cry, but this girl just took it all in stride. She is winning hearts in every department we visit – which was two different ones today!

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Today we learned that the diagnosis of Spina Bifida has been confirmed, and that Eliza’s spinal cord is tethered. With Spina Bifida this is expected at some point. It just means that her spinal cord, which should be able to flow freely in her spinal column with growth, bending and stretching, is instead attached to her spinal column because of scar tissue at the area of her Spina Bifida repair.

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She will need surgery, but it is not emergent. They are scheduling an appointment with the pediatric neurosurgeon, who is at Madison’s Children’s Hospital. Once we meet with that doctor, we will know when Eliza’s surgery will be! So thankful for all these amazing doctors we are meeting and who will we be part of our lives now!

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In other news, we are finishing up plans for a very special day that is NINE days away! We are all so very excited! Here is our glowing bride after she was dressed up by several little girls at a bridal shower the church had for her this week!


Blake and I are spending time together to commit this special event in our lives to prayer – will you join us? Our hearts are so full!!! Filled with thanksgiving!!! Praising Jesus!!! What an amazing blessing to see your daughter leave and cleave to such an amazing man like David!! They are SO happy and have such a solid foundation built because of their very purposeful courtship over the last eleven months! We are filled with praise!

We would also covet any prayers for Eliza’s upcoming surgery plans.

Please pray with us!!!


  1. Kristen Landsgaard says:

    You all have my prayers every single day! Glad to know the answer with Eliza. And thankful God has given you specialists who know what to do with that sweet girl.

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