Clyde’s Place

Over the weekend we headed to Clyde’s place for dinner and some sweet fellowship!

Even though our resident photographer was living it up at a retreat, I grabbed the camera myself and took it along!

We were going to Clyde’s place, after all!

Isn’t he adorable!!??!!





The kids are always thrilled to go down to David and Kayla’s.

David is a great big brother – he is always doing fun things with them!



This is a spot for us to go with Tate and Eliza that keeps their sense of security for them.

It is their home away from home!


Dinner was amazing!

Cauliflower chowder, a fruit salad, an Asian lettuce salad and muffins.

And, of course, ice cream for dessert!


Clyde’s place is my favorite place to go!!

The food is always good, and the fellowship is sweet!

Thanks you three for the fun night out!!


On Sunday morning I had the pleasure of going to pick up Addie from her retreat.

It was almost a two hour drive on a cold sunny morning!

I listened to a great sermon, and then sang hymns at the top of my lungs!

Glad only Jesus could hear me!!

Addie Mae had an amazing, refreshing time.


We are super happy to have her back!

And it is another cold sunny day here!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!!


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