Christmas Eve Gingerbread Houses

When Blake and I were on date night one Friday night this month, I told him I would love for us to make gingerbread houses for a fun family activity sometime over the holidays.

We searched on-line for a gingerbread house kit – but more specifically a gluten-free gingerbread house kit that also had dye-free candies in it.

I wanted the kiddos to be able to at least taste what they had made!

There are kits like that out there, but they come at a pretty high price.

Instead we ordered a set of gingerbread house cookie cutters for a smidge over ten dollars, and I started the hunt for the candies and other decorations every time I was in a co-op or grocery store.

Once our plans for Christmas with all of our favorite people were set, we decided on Christmas Eve afternoon, after church, to make the gingerbread houses.

We used our Christmas spice cookie recipe, but rolled it thinner than we normally do, and decided to only make 2D houses so that the project would be less frustrating for the littles!

Blake teamed up with Eliza, and Addie Mae teamed up with Tate.

The cookies baked perfectly!

All of the toppings were gathered!

It was time to get started!!

I was thrilled with how much fun this was for everyone!

They want to do it again next year!

I was also surprised at how much thought and creativity they put into their design – truly making their project reflect themselves!

Chad’s scence had himself training his dog, a fence in his yard, the sun in the sky, a cross on a hill, and such adorable details of each!

Eliza had carolers singing (with notes above their heads), a snowman, a wreath on the door, a star in the sky, and smoke coming from the chimney!

SO cute!

Lane had a fire pit in his yard, a path to the front door, a guy building a snowman and a guy ready to go sledding!

Grant had fun with this too! He had a semi parked in his front yard (truck guy at heart!), a picket fence, lanterns in the front yard, and a porch added to the side of his house.

Addie Mae and Tate had two houses with a sledding hill in between them, a forest behind the hill, a path between the two houses, and a fire pit as well!

The kids wanted me to be the judge and make a contest out of their gingerbread decorating skills….but I just could not pick a winner!!

They told me I was fired, and next year they were choosing a different judge!

It was a very fun afternoon.

They all ate some of their cookies, and put the rest away to savor and have a bit as a treat everyday while we are on break.

I can see this tradition expanding to include grand babies….now won’t THAT be fun!!??

Gingerbread house decorating was a great success!!

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