China News

We have been busy around here!

We keep up with our regular work load, the farm, and lots of fun has been thrown in there too.

Blake and I have been finishing some things for our trip! This weekend we listened to our last webinar and it was about our trip to China and all that it will entail. It was good! Lots and lots of information! We also downloaded a translation app onto my phone. It has been fun to type things into it and listen to it in Cantonese!! Lane’s comments as he listens to it are hilarious!



The kids and I also painted Eliza’s room last week. It was so dark, and I just envisioned Eliza’s room bright and cheery! Bright it is now! I hope it grows on me! We don’t really even know if Eliza will sleep in this room….we will do whatever needs to be done that is best for her….which may mean she co-sleeps with Blake and I.




Addie has been gathering things on our list and making a pile! The pile is starting to look ominous! Things like clothes pins (so we can wash some laundry in the bathtub and hang it to dry), disposable gloves (for the unknowns that we hopefully won’t have to deal with), umbrellas (we hear it rains a lot in Guangzhou), diapers, wipes, the gifts for our guides and others in China, snacks for Eliza, my food, all the “just in case” medications……. It will be a mountain before we are done!


Grant told us yesterday that Eliza’s first word is going to be “Grant.” We told him that we would teach her to say his name the way Lane used to say it – “Dwanty!” She already has him wrapped around her pinky finger, so I imagine she could call him anything and he would come running! So sweet.

Our Article 5 did not get dropped off when we originally thought it would on May 26th, but it was dropped off May 29th. It will be picked up one week from today, June 16th!!! We officially start our wait for Travel Approval on June 17th. Yahoo!!! Once we have Travel Approval we will leave for China two weeks from then. It is coming up fast!!



We are picturing Eliza with us in all the things that we are doing. We talk about what she would think, if she would be excited or scared, what she would be doing, if she will be able to keep up without being carried…..we are beyond excited to see fruition to these dreams! We are praying that her transition will go well and we will see some of these sweet smiles from her not too long after we meet!

Eliza June 2014

Blake and I had a sweet (and very late!) time of prayer together last night. We focused our prayers on Eliza, all the specifics of the trip, and Kayla and the boys being at home. I am so thankful for the peace the Lord has afforded me because of Blake’s prayers over me last night. A peace that passes all understanding! God is so good! He WILL strengthen us because we ARE weak! He will NOT leave us! He WILL be with us every step of the way!

We would covet any and all prayers on our behalf. We need you now! We need you to pray!

It won’t be long now……we are coming baby girl!!


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