Catching Up

As I just typed that title, it made me think about those words.

Why do we say “catching up” when we are trying to get things done that should have been done sooner than now?

English is so weird.

And it is way too early in the morning.

I need coffee.

Ok. It may be o’dark thirty outside, but the house is quiet, and now I have some coffee.

So, let’s catch up!

I don’t know who sped up time….but it seems to fly by right now.

Everyday I look at the clock and it is already 4 p.m.!

How does that happen?

We are enjoying each and every second though.

And the blessings sustain me.

I purchased and started a new journal this week.

Something about the first page of a crisp new journal.

And something about setting aside the one that is full.

Thought the cover was very appropriate for life right now! Blessings.


I cut the boys’ hair one afternoon and Blake’s that evening.

They were very overdue.

But every time I cut my boys’ hair, it makes me think of the dearest friend who lives in Illinois who taught me to cut boys’ hair.

Love you, dear friend! Blessed.


Lane is learning about fractions this week.

So, our little miss is too.

Cause anything big brother can do, she can do better!

Love that spirit of hers! It will take her far. Blessed.


Grain-free cookies made with nut butter.

I ate way too many of those. Blessed.


Someone snitching my coffee.

Good thing she is so cute!

I take my coffee very seriously, you know. Blessed.


Tate’s bed got set up the day we took down Eliza’s crib.

When you ask Eliza whose it is, she says “It’s Mommy’s!”

Uh Oh. We are working on that.

Can’t wait to see our little man sleeping in that there bed. Blessed.


Kayla stopped by with a pile of clothes for Tate and Eliza!

She got 17 items for $8. Woo hoo!

How I love that sweet daughter of ours! Blessed.


A late night DVD about the water cycle.

Magic School Bus is so cool.

School is SUPER fun. Blessed.



David and Kayla came into our strep world last weekend to deliver Valentine’s to each of us!

Love that son-in-law to pieces too. Blessed.


We got a package in the mail from friends that I wish lived next door.

SO sweet!

Encouraged us all so much as we opened that box and felt the love wash over us. Blessed!




Did you know that your tongue can help you think?

This is something each of our birth children have done when they were young.

It is adorable!

And made the foil boats he was building the best they could be. Blessed.



We had a visit this week from our friends up north!

They brought our stroller blessing to us.

I couldn’t breathe as we opened the box.

Such an immense blessing. Blessed, blessed, blessed.



Blake took the three oldest to get our grocery last night.

After Eliza was snoozin’, Lane and I downloaded and watched an episode of Ruff Ruffman on the lap top while snuggled in bed.

That is the cutest show! I learned so much!

And I had the cutest little man to share it with. Blessed.



I would be getting an e-mail from my Dad about two seconds after I publish this post. He would be scolding me for not having photos of everyone on here – including myself. I miss my Dad.

Time to start working on a huge breakfast for this crew of mine before I start to hear feet pattering through this big old farm house!

Then we are off to a pig farm later this morning to work and learn about pigs! We are getting ready for our farming season, even though it has been below zero all week this week!

Happy Saturday to you all!!


  1. Connie says:

    Thank you for sharing your blessings! Put a smile on my face. I pray the Dad shaped piece of your heart is healing bit by bit. Love you! (and all your blessings, too!)

  2. Sandra Endress says:

    And the swifter….God bless the man who invented the swifter. Blessed!!!!! Remember we always said we could do commercials for swiffering!!

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