Catching Up

Blake would like you all to know that I am not a good patient.

(Neither is he, since I know you would ask, he, he.)

I am also here to tell you, pneumonia is no joke.


Since I am needing to sit still, I thought I would catch up on some blogging. Not that you all will want to see post after post after post…but because this is our family scrapbook and I am a little behind!

Even in illness, there is still so much to be thankful for….as usual…that list is very, very long!

At the top of that list is our big kiddos.

And their hearts.

The girls have been filling me with nutritious food, bone broth, and herbal teas, making essential oil mixes to rub on my chest, running a diffuser non-stop by my bed, and taking care of EVERYTHING with the house, farm and littles.




When it was cold and rainy on Friday, Addie set up a tent on the porch and stuck the littles inside! They loved it.




There is always that big family fun of illness not stopping with one. There are a few others who don’t feel the best…but are fighting it hard with lots of napping.

So thankful they do not have fevers or any congestion! Just feeling kind of icky!


I have done some grading while laying in bed.

The kids’ Science journals are always my favorite!


I managed to pull off some simple school this morning.


Tate totally nailed the ABC matching I had Eliza and him doing!



Once I saw how much they both loved this simple activity, I quickly printed off some strips of ABC’s so that they could just grab a new strip on their own.


We had an AMAZING surprise visit last week from the previous owners of our farm. The owners from the 1930’s to 1990. Brings tears to my eyes just to type about it! Oh, the stories, the laughter, the explanations of the way things used to be…..the history of this farm is amazing. What a joy to have this family, who was in town for a funeral, stop by! I wish I had better photos – but this is the only one – Addie grabbed it from the kitchen window!


Hoping to be feeling better soon. And we are still praying that no one else will get sick or sicker – especially Tate who has two important appointments at the hospital on Thursday and Friday. I had to cancel his imaging appointment he had for today.

Ok, next up….flying a kite, a birthday party (or two!), a superhero, and Tate’s new words!

Thank you for your prayers!!