Camping In Style!

We just spent this last week at Family Camp! As usual, it is one of the highlights of our year! Such a joy to see friends we haven’t seen since last year! We come away from Family Camp challenged, encouraged, and refreshed! It has been an energizing week!

Getting ready for camp is a HUGE job. We have been so busy that it was also a last minute job! We raced around trying to get everything packed and enough food made. We also had to get the farm in shape to walk away from it for a week. Many hands make light work!


I was taking a picture of the piles all over the kitchen when a certain someone photo bombed the photo! I think this photo is hilarious!!!


I thought I had purchased all the things the children needed for camp, until Chad came and showed me how his sweatshirt from this spring fit him. Seriously! I need to quit feeding these kiddos!


So thankful that my wonderful hubby rents us a beautiful camper to stay in while we are at Family Camp! It is such a great little home away from home! When Blake pulls into the farm with the camper, Lane thinks Family Camp has arrived!


It was so fun to have some time with just Eliza and Lane this past week. The older children would stay up later, so Blake and I enjoyed having these two littles all to ourselves before their bed time each night! Seeing the bond grow stronger between Eliza and Lane is such a beautiful thing!


Isn’t that hair flower adorable?! A friend from church made a whole pile of cute hair things for Eliza!



Eliza did not even blink at a different bath tub. She loved it!



We ate a lot of our meals in the camper. Usually at dinner time we would carry our food over to the dining hall and eat with the other families. It was fun to cook in such a compact kitchen!


In the mornings it was SO cold! Hot oats while still in bed was the way to go!



We even took our Keurig! Hot coffee to warm up was a necessity, right?


I guess I don’t need to tell you how Eliza did! She was our little happy-go-lucky rock star!!! She is still amazing us all! She slept in one of the bottom bunks, and still slept twelve hours a night and took two hour naps. This girl will sleep through anything!


We came home on a very rainy day yesterday, and half of us are sick. I feel so bad for Chad – he has been burning up with a fever and has slept almost the whole time since we have been home. I am sure this illness will make its rounds through us all – one of the joys of life with many!



As I started this post, my technical self wondered how many photos you can put on one post?! I think I better split these photos up into more than one post. There is much, much more to share about our wonderful vacation to Family Camp!

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  1. Rosanna says:

    I can’t believe how Chad is shooting up! He looks so happy about it in the sweatshirt picture, but not feeling so great after you got home. At least you all were well on vacation. Where do you go for family camp? It’s wonderful to see you all doing so well. I’ll be making a trip soon to get pie pumpkins in Coon Valley unless you know a better place, reasonably? I also need to drop off egg cartons to Albert. Might mosey up your way one of these days but I’ll call first. Thanks for posting all the great pics!

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