Bring On The Bubbles!

We had a great trip to Madison today! Team Eliza consisted of my driver Grant, co-pilot Kayla, and myself.


Eliza has had all of the “sticky, sticky” removed! When the doctor pulled it off, Eliza said “Eeeeewwww!! Eeeww!”

Then she looked at the doctor and said “See ya! Bye!”

Guess she thought we were done….cracks me up, this girl!


We have been given the ALL CLEAR!! NO restrictions!!! Well, except tumbling or being rough. So I do need to keep a watchful eye on this tiny tornado still….

But bring on the bubbles!! This girl gets to have a real bath!

We go back in a couple weeks for a MRI and urodynamics study. They are trying to piggyback them so there will be only one sedation. That will be our prayer!


  1. Connie says:

    Praise the Lord! Bubbles sound great! So thankful she has been healing so well. Love her, “See ya. Bye.” Made me laugh. Wondering what wondrous things God has in store for this little one’s future.

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