We found out about 8:15 a.m. this morning (Sunday) that there will be no visas issued today either. It is starting to feel like ground hog day here!

We also learned that the folks in Washington D.C. are working around the clock to try to resolve this issue. The e-mails they send to EACH of us PERSONALLY are very apologetic and they do make us aware that they realize the huge difficulties this has caused our families. Considering this problem is world wide, I find comfort in the fact that we get a personal e-mail from them at least daily.

It was SO, SO, SO good to see Blake and Addie standing in the kitchen at home on Skype this morning! They were being well fed, loved on, and both looked ready for bed. Their flights were uneventful. Addie Mae took motion sick medicine twice but had no problems. We are so thankful for their safe return home!!

My roomie and I are SO grateful for each other. I cannot express what a blessing the other families that are here have been to us. We have a new group of friends that will be lifelong friends……because a bond built like this just cannot be broken.

Here is a “selfie” of Kristen and I!


Stephen and Eliza play GREAT together. Eliza is gaining confidence by watching Stephen and it is a blessing to witness. They are the cutest kids on the block!!



Share in our praises!!!!

*Blake and Addie are home safely!!

*Eliza has made huge progress even with this new transition!!!

*That we are ALL healthy here!!!

*That, for goodness sakes, we are living in a five star hotel!!!

*That we have contact with a family who lives here that is adopting a child and had appointments with us. The Mom will be taking Kristen and I to a grocery (that has American food!) in her personal van if we are stuck here much longer!! God is so good!!!

*That Kristen and I make an amazing team!

Please pray:

*That we can remain patient and loving and use this time to the glory of God

*That we will remain healthy

*That the pain I am having in my lower back will not get any worse

*That the visas will be issued in the Lord’s PERFECTLY APPOINTED TIME

*That we will be able to immediately secure flights home as soon as that happens

*That Kristen and I will be able to secure tickets not only on the same flight, but with seats side by side.

*For my heart, as it is horribly aching being away from the other children this long

Five of us families met in our room this morning for an hour and had a wonderful time of prayer together. It was heartfelt, and full of the love of Christ…..because there was no concern for anyone’s worship style or religion choice – but just brothers and sisters in Christ coming before the throne of God, to give glory to His name even in a desperate time of need. Wish you could have been here. This trip has been life changing in so many ways.


  1. Lisa says:

    So encouraging to hear you report of prayer with the saints. This is the way it should be. Plop anywhere on earth and have family – God’s family – the Church. Makes me even more grateful for your friendship. It is good to see how well Eliza is doing with this. THAT has been my prayer – that all of this will help her in her transition. God is so good.

  2. Connie says:

    “God’s plan will surely take place and be on schedule.” This is a quote from the Daily Bread for today. Praying for you in so many ways. Looking forward to meeting sweet Eliza Claire, and welcoming you both HOME!

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