Blessed Distractions

Another week.

Another busy week.

Filled with busy, busy blessings!

My Mom and sister are so thankful I have busy, busy blessing “distractions.”

I am too!

We are still cocooning at home. Not necessarily by choice at this point.

But, baby, it is SERIOUSLY cold outside.

Being back to full-time school filled our days super full. A blessed distraction!

While the three big kids worked on their school, the two littles and I “rowed” the book Madeline.

And learned some French!


Pretended we were in Paris. Even watched a real panoramic video from the Eiffel Towel.


We also learned about agriculture versus industry. There was glue involved, which Eliza LOVES!


We worked on the character quality of obedience. And talked about some other important qualities too.


We snuggled and read lots of books. Read aloud time is my favorite!


We made tents. Three of them at once, to be exact.


We defrosted the main freezer. Filled the porch with coolers while we did.

Because the wind chill is thirty below zero.


Then there was that amazing man to celebrate!

It was chicken fajitas with ALL the fixings, and roasted bananas with ice cream for dessert.



There were blessing photos taken. Cause that is what I am doing these days.

Blessed to be feeling like cooking again.


Found this photo on my phone from October. Blessed me to see it there!


Blessed with a gift from my sister.


Blessed by our resident comedian. He can make us laugh till our sides hurt.


Had a blessed New Year’s Day at David and Kayla’s place playing games. Some of us played with dry beans.


Footie pj’s. And after dinner cuddles. No need to explain that blessing!


Waking up and looking out the window. Blessed!


Time does not stand still, even when you want it to sometimes.

It has been four weeks since Eliza’s surgery. FOUR weeks!


Eliza’s physical healing has gone so well. She is 100%, except for that wound!

We head back to Madison on Monday. We are hoping to get all of the dressing off her wound and hear the words, “Give that girl a real bath!”

My prayers are that she will still love her bath like she used to. We have had many set backs because of all Eliza has endured these last four weeks. We could not possibly feel more blessed to be the ones to help her through them.

It’s tough being two though!



Will you pray with us? For travel mercies, and a good report on that healing wound.

Happy end to another week, everyone!

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  1. Lisa says:

    How did I miss this post? Seriously. I love the photos of your dad and your family. What a treasure. I loved seeing Little Miss “Sure!” and I will continue to pray for her and for you all.

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