Birthday Shopping With My Boy

Sweet Lane.

Kayla told me at Christmas time that Lane’s love language must be gifts.

His excitement in blessing someone else with a gift is SO contagious!!

I planned some one-on-one time for Lane and I to go shopping and get a birthday present for Eliza.

Usually our gift giving comes out of Amazon boxes, so this was a new way to do things!

One-on-one time is something we purpose with these kiddos though. It is so important!

Our first stop was to clean the van. Lane was a great helper!


We stopped at the library to pick up holds and Lane picked a DVD.

Then it was snack time! Snack time decisions are hard.



Finally it was time to go shopping!

Lane picked out a bunny at Build-A-Bear to make for Eliza.

We were on a strict budget, so he only had a handful of choices to choose from. But that was no problem! He knew right away the one he wanted for her.

Then he stuffed it.




I had already told the gal about our budget, and that we would not include any of the additions that cost money. The extras would have been a problem for our sensory girl anyway, because they were things like sounds and smells.

We were not charged for the little hearts Lane added.



Lane typed in the info for the birth certificate, and named Eliza’s bunny Libby.


We added a birthday shirt, and we were all done!


The gal added two bows to each of the bunny’s ears, and then packaged it up in a huge box with handles.

Lane was clear excited!

Eliza will love this gift and be excited too!

We cannot wait for her birthday! Eliza is counting down the days!!

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