Birthday Bash!!!

Sixteen and a half years ago today, a baby boy was placed into our arms at the O’Hare International Airport. Our Grant Evan, who is 17 years old today!


Sixteen years ago yesterday, a baby girl was born and also placed into our arms. Our Addison Mae!


Our sweet babies are growing up! Grant turns 17 today, and Addie Mae turned 16 yesterday. With two birthdays to celebrate, it was a bash!! Sticking with birthday tradition, Addie Mae chose the meal for her birthday dinner. We enjoyed fish tacos! They were so yummy!


Eliza loved the food! She is such a good eater.


Then it was time to open gifts. The kids always tell me they have way more fun planning for someone else’s birthday than they do celebrating their own! We had so much fun preparing for Grant and Addie’s birthdays!








Blake and I are filling Addie Mae’s hope chest! I wonder if she will be able to stand to keep those new kitchen tools in the box!



Grant loved the new belt buckle from David and Kayla!


Speaking of them – aren’t they adorable?!!


Next it was time for cake! And coffee, of course! Kayla made the birthday cake. I think it should be named “Death by Chocolate!” Or “Sugar Coma!” But it was oh, so, good! A chocolate cookie crust, ice cream layers, and chocolate coffee frosting. It was so pretty!


We sang Happy Birthday!


I missed the photo of them blowing out their candles. So I asked for a re-enactment! This is what I got! Oh, Grant, what would we do without you!?!



I did not cut Eliza a piece of cake. She figured out very quickly how to fix that! She would walk from person to person and back up to them so they would pick her up! And then she would beg for a bite! Can you imagine?! This tiny tornado was running the halls upstairs until well after 9 p.m.! Then I put her to bed and she laid in her bed singing for over an hour! Sugar and chocolate overload for sure!




Grant had to borrow a bite for Eliza because, of course, his cake was already gone!



Blake and Grant are headed out for their birthday breakfast together in a few minutes! Another birthday tradition that the kids love. Blake took Addie Mae yesterday!

Tonight we will have chicken parmesan, chopped salad, and fruit salad for Grant’s meal of choice. I suppose we will have to finish that cake! Maybe I better put Eliza to bed first!

What a fun birthday celebration! We love you both so much Grant and Addie Mae! Keep living for the Lord, you two!! His joy is evident in all you do!! Happy Birthday!!


  1. Rosanna says:

    What a joy to see every one of these pictures! Happiness! Happy Birthday, Grant and Addie Mae! Hope this next year is a great one for both of you! Now fall is just around the corner and I’m already thinking of pumpkins! I’m getting more in the freezer this year and I’m guessing you’ll be working on that, too! Blessings to all!

  2. Sandra Endress says:

    I want you to know I take credit for the first photo shown today….thank you very much. And Grant, how well I remember that day – a squirmy cute little boy- oh so handsome – and still that way. Addie – what a lovely young lady you’ve become – and I think you should just go ahead and put to use those kitchen tools! Why wait!! Why just think of all the wonderful things you could make in a snafoo!
    Happy birthday to both of you! And love to all. Miss Eliza – one day I will give you several bites of my cake – and yes, the two lovebirds are awfully cute – I do agree!

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