Appointments, Appointments

Well, hello there bloggy world!

This ‘ol blog is certainly a labor of love.

Between my wonderful hubby (and myself), we have spent hours upon hours trying to get this blog working again – just not all at one time, of course.

The only thing we have lost so far is the cute little teal wallpaper that used to be on the sides of the blog.

Praise, Praise!

And I will just give a shout out for You Tube as well. It was there that we finally found a tutorial that spoke “stay-at-home Mom and truck guy” computer language to tell us what to do to be able to download photos again!

So, ok then! Time to do just that, and update what is also my family scrapbook!

This month of December has been full of appointments – mostly for the little two.

Eliza’s routine one-year check-ups fell in this month, and then when the neurosurgeon canceled Tate’s surgery that was supposed to be on October 9th and scheduled repeat scans instead, she wanted them in December as well.

It is keeping us busy!

A week ago Wednesday, both Tate and Eliza had an appointment with the urologist.

Our double stroller was a blessing!


Last Thursday we had seven dentist appointments scheduled, crazy as that sounds! It takes the whole morning!

I have to admit that I was shocked at how perfectly Eliza did! What a HUGE change for us!!

You are SO brave, sweet baby!!




Tate does not fear things like this!

He did great too!



Tate’s sedated MRI this Wednesday went very well.

Tate struggled more coming out of sedation this time, and we had our hands full leaving the hospital, coming home, and once at home. Sweet boy.

We are still so grateful for the child life gals that help our littles get through these procedures!



We are supposed to be heading to Madison Monday morning for Tate to have a repeat sedated CMG. The predicted weather looks like it might change our plans, but we will just have to wait and see! We are prayerful that the Lord will see fit to allow this appointment to happen and be on this year’s insurance coverage.

When I look back at December’s calendar, I cannot believe all that has taken place!

Praise the Lord for all of the doctors, nurses and technicians that take care of our smiley precious Tate, and our sweet baby Eliza!!