Answered Prayers

Witnessing answers to your prayers is such an awesome thing!

Should never have doubted how this day would go! We were praying! I bet some of you were too!

Our precious daughter was AMAZING today! She was so hungry, and could only have water, broth, and jello until 10 a.m., and then NOTHING after that. She did not want water, broth or jello…..but she only fussed about that fact ONE time!

The two and a half hour ride to the Children’s Hospital was a breeze! Waiting for our appointment time? A breeze!!





Then it was time for sedation. There was no IV needed today! YEAH!!! Just some sleepy medicine by mouth! Unfortunately, as soon as the red, sticky, smelly sleepy medicine was squirted in the back of Eliza’s mouth, she decided she didn’t want anything to do with that! I wore red, sticky, smelly sleepy medicine the rest of the day….but I was so thankful I had a change of clothes for Eliza!

This meant we had to get her sleepy another way. So they put it up her nose. Not pleasant either, but it got the job done!

Her testing went PERFECT!!! Answered prayers we are talking about here! Eliza woke up quickly from the sedation and was ready to eat, eat, eat!


We met with the Urologist afterward, and were sad to learn that Eliza’s bladder has some significant problems that will need managed after surgery. We are SO very thankful to be seeing these amazing doctors at the Children’s Hospital though!

We will be praying that the surgery to untether Eliza’s spinal cord will help heal some of her bladder problems. We know the Lord answers prayers! He is the ultimate healer!!

All in all, it was a twelve hour day. So thankful to be back home safely and to tuck our little sweet pea in bed! By the way, the travel and weather mercies to and from Madison today? Answers to prayer!

Grant and Addie did a great job here at home! We came home to an apple pie that was delivered early this evening by two very special newlyweds! About to have a piece with some ice cream on top! I didn’t pray for the pie….but am so thankful for it anyway!! Thank you sweet Kayla!!

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Phil 4:6


  1. Connie says:

    Thank you, LORD! So thankful things went so very well for Eliza and her Mommy and Daddy! Will be praying specifically about her bladder issue. God has done so much and He will continue to.

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