Another Medical Day

So thankful for our medical day today!

So many answers to prayer before the procedure even began! The good weather for travel, no illness, Tate’s acceptance of our words as we tried to prepare him for the day, Eliza’s heart for her brother and her acceptance of our day away from home, and Tate’s ability to go without food or drink until the procedure was over without any fussing at all!

If you say the prayers, you can then give glory where the glory is due!!!


Once we arrived in at AFCH, Tate had some play time in the procedure room before sedation started. The nurses and sedation team are also assessing him at this time and we are answering lots of questions. Tate did not remember a lot about the last time he had this procedure done, which was on September 24th of last year – a mere six and a half weeks after he arrived home, but he did remember the toys!

I am so thankful that I have photos of Tate’s and Eliza’s different appointments! With three different hospitals and a dozen doctors, it gets hard to explain which way we will be driving this time and what things they will be having done. Showing them the photos really eases their minds!





Since we know how simple it was to get Eliza dye-free sleepy medicine, we asked for that for Tate too. We have not seen Tate react to anything we have given him, but he does not get dyes in anything we give him now, so we did not see a reason for it to be in his medications. We took our own dye-free ibuprofen with us, and were allowed to use that again like we did with Eliza as well!

Tate helped me pack for our day and wanted one of his favorite blankets and his sleep companion, Teddy B.

Sleepy medicine makes our littles very silly. At first.



This tiny tornado fought through that sleepy medicine and nitrous oxide like we could not believe. I am so thankful he doesn’t remember any of that. It took four of us to hold him still, while the tech did the procedure and the child life gal tried to keep Tate’s attention on all the fun things she had. We were so drained when it was finally over, because it was two hours long.

Tate ate his weight as soon as they said he could. And just like that it was time to go!



We sat in the lobby and had lunch out of our cooler. Tate’s legs were far from working yet.


Then there was a quick stop at the local Co-op. Tate tasted all the samples, and we all got a treat!


We could barely keep him awake for the two minutes from the hospital to the Co-op. The minute he finished his treat, he was sound asleep and slept the w.h.o.l.e. way home.


This test should be read by the urologist over this weekend and then sent to our neurosurgeon. I am hoping that we will hear from her by Wednesday of next week. Please continue in prayer with us! Blake and I cannot imagine having the decisions that our neurosurgeon has. They carry so much weight. We are praying that the Lord will allow discernment for her and complete confidence in her plan.

In my post earlier this morning, I specifically asked for prayer for the pain Tate would have once the procedure was over. It hurts to go potty after having tubes in places they should never have to be. So much so that this is a huge 24 to 48 hour battle we face every time Tate or Eliza have this procedure done. You know where I am going with this, don’t you? Tate said he had to potty while we were eating lunch, so Blake took him. I was waiting to hear the screaming from across the lobby where I was still sitting. But I didn’t. Cause Tate went potty and IT DIDN’T HURT. And it hasn’t hurt at all since then.

You all, we serve an amazing God.

Thank you for your prayers!!! They continue to be answered in mighty ways! You are such an important part of this journey!!!


  1. Rosanna says:

    I’m so glad it didn’t hurt!!! Thanks for the wonderful update!!! What a blessing! Hope you are sleeping soundly yourself tonight, dear friend!

    • Steph says:

      Thank you for your prayers!!! Tate LOVES his blanket, and says to me “The Grandma Connie made for me? The Grandma Connie prayed for me?” every time I cover him up with it! He remembers everything we tell him ;0) I miss you!!!!

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