…..And She Likes To Eat Meat!!

Ever since receiving our LOA on April 29th, we have been very busy!


I have lists every where! Lists upon lists. On the desk. On the buffet. In my phone. On my nightstand. In the van. In Addie’s head!

That is a good thing! Then my brain won’t explode.

We have been filling drawers of a dresser with medications, cosmetics, and odds and ends that will fill our suitcases.



We ordered most of the food that I will take to China, and it arrived.


We applied for our visas, sent our passports off to get them, and they have returned.



We finalized Eliza’s clothing needs, and on our date night Saturday night Blake and I even bought her an adorable red, white & blue outfit for the day we go to the U.S. Consulate!



I ordered a medical ID bracelet to wear while we are gone (engraved with important info on the back) and it arrived as well.


We will be picking up suitcases we are borrowing tonight, have picked up the “just-in-case” antibiotics from the pharmacy, talked to the travel agent and filled out paperwork for her, and stopped at the cell phone store to get my phone ready for international travel.

It has been a BLAST! Cannot believe that we are finally at this stage! It is exciting beyond belief!

And then, to make things even better, today we received an update with answers to questions we asked about our darling little Eliza Claire. Check this out!!!

What are her current weight, height, and foot length measurements from this month?
Height 83CM。feet13CM。weight12KG。

Is she wearing diapers or is she potty trained?
She is still wearing diapers ,she will let’s you know when she need to poo.

Does she still take a bottle? If yes, is it formula in her bottle or something else?
She takes cartons of milk, she can drink with a cup by herself

What are her favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Likes to eat meat .

What is her schedule like for a day? For sleeping and eating?
6:30am getting up
7:00am breakfast
8:30am—10:30am activities
10:30am— lunch
11:30am—1:30pm nap time
1:30pm—4:30pm activities
5:30pm dinner
6:30pm taking a bath
6:30pm—9:00pm playing games and watching TV
9:00pm going to bed

Can she express her needs well? Is she talking much?
Can say some 2 characters words ,even she can’t talk a lot ,but she has many way to express
what she need ,like some body language,she can say all the foster family’s names .

Is she still with her foster family? Can she please stay with them until we arrive? Please?
Yes ,she still in the foster family now ,she will back to orphanage one week before you come 。

What makes her happy? What makes her scared or sad?
She will be happy when you give her some snacks or take her out ,she will unhappy when you
say NO to her .

Is there anything else you would like us to know about her?
She likes animals ,dog , small turtle and fish.

I sobbed like a baby. Yes, I did!

Please pray for us as we continue to prepare. Pray for Eliza, who may not know that we are going to show up and turn her world temporarily upside down. Pray for our hearts as they return Eliza to the orphanage before we arrive. Those are hard words for us to read. There is still much to do……but every step is one step closer!!

We love you so much Eliza Claire.


  1. Melody Bennett says:

    Oh, my. So so close!!! She doesn’t like to be told no. Ha ha! She will be one well loved little girl in your household!!!! So exciting! PRAISE JESUS!

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