An Update On TATE!!!!!!!

The Monday after the wedding, we received an update on Tate! Our caseworker sent an e-mail to us that morning with the update attached that said, “I woke up to these! We had staff prayer so I had to wait to get on the computer to send them over. Look how GOOD HE’S DOING!!!!!!!! God is GOOD Stephanie!”

Yes, God is GOOD!!!!

Just look at our little man!!!!!

Tate 2 Oct Update 2014

When we sent our Letter of Intent to China to ask to adopt Tate, and then received Pre-Approval from them, we were allowed to send some questions in hopes that we would receive an update through the answers!!

They did not disappoint!!!! We also received more PHOTOS!!!! Here are our questions and their answers:

What are his current weight, height, head circumference and foot length?

83cm, 13kg, 51cm head, 56cm chest, 15cm foot

(Tate is 2 pounds and 2 inches smaller than Eliza!!!)

Is he walking without assistance?

He can walk very well. He can even run without any help.

Is he potty trained and able to potty on his own? Is there a need for a catheter?

He doesn’t need any help to go to rest room by self and he knows when he needs to go.

Can he express his needs well? Does he speak well?

He can understand pretty much everything. He can use short sentences to express self.

Has he had any need for medical care in the last six months?

He hasn’t had any medication in last 6 months.

Is he in foster care? Or the orphanage?

He likes in the orphanage.

Doesn’t he look GREAT?!?!

Tate 1 Oct Update 2014

We also sent Tate a care package, in hopes that his caregivers will start to talk about his family and show him our photos. We sent a book like this to Eliza as well! It was in her bag the day she was placed into our arms, and is now a beautiful keepsake for her. I wonder if Tate will bring his photo book home too? Time will tell!!


We love you SO much Tate Owen!!! We cannot wait to hold you!!!


  1. Connie says:

    He is sooo cute! Look at him standing there! He can walk and run and,,,,,,,,,,yes, I am excited for you! Praying that he will be in your arms soon. He will be so blessed with all the love he will be receiving, and I know that you will be blessed by him in many ways, also.

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