An Ugly Monster Called Jet Lag

Here is what we were doing at 1:00 a.m……


2:00 a.m……..



3:00 a.m…….



My body is at war with itself…..I cannot imagine how little Eliza must feel. We are having a hard time finding things she will eat. The oatmeal with mashed banana and flax was a hit in the middle of the night at least!

Praying that our middle of the night parties will end soon! I do love the one-on-one time they afford, though, as it is an amazing time of bonding for us! Loving life here at HOME. Did I tell you we are HOME????


  1. Gail says:

    No advice from here. Never had to deal with jet lag. Just sleep when she sleeps and let the rest of the family run the place. Praying for you.

  2. Kristen Landsgaard says:

    Oh I am so sorry jetlag is killing you! Somehow we’ve been sleeping, up early, but sleeping. Thank the Good Lord. I’ll be praying your nights stop being days. Did you get any sleep? Remember don’t nap too long! Even though she’ll fuss don’t let Eliza nap too long either. I can’t wait to see you all again!

  3. Tristan says:

    Oh my! That has to be an incredible body clock shift to make.

    Food ideas: what did she love eating while you were there? Try to find a way to make something similar. Do you know anyone who knows how to cook Chinese food (I’m thinking beyond plain rice or noodles, getting some sauces or spices that are familiar to her).

    Enjoy and give her a snuggle for us!

    • Steph says:

      I have a plan swirling in my head for some bean thread noodles (have them in the pantry!) turned into a Chinese stir fry. Hope it turns out!

  4. Sarah Brown says:

    Welcome HOME! So glad to hear you survived (and relished!) the incredible journey. It’s not really anything anyone can prepare you for, no? 😉

    Hang in there on the jet lag. Ours lasted about 5 nights, and then started to get much better.

    Eliza is beautiful, she’s a champ, you’re a champ, and I wish you much rest, peace, and love in the coming weeks.

    – Sarah

    • Steph says:

      Sarah, Thank you! NO – you cannot be completely prepared for a journey like this one. But we did relish in every single second, and are still doing that now that we are home. I think I can handle five nights of jet lag with two older daughters like I have….they are running this place like pros. Thanks again for all your help before we left! We ran up quite the room service bill, but I had some lettuce everyday at least. It is taking some time for my tummy to adjust to real food again too, but I am sure it will all be but a memory soon.
      Hope all is well your way,

  5. Kirstin says:

    Middle of the night one on one time and feeding… just like mommies share with their new little babies… I will pray for stamina as you enjoy these “parties” and that God will use them to continue to help you and Eliza bond as mother and daughter. So happy you are home, home, home!!!

    • Steph says:

      I am really loving that alone time with Eliza….she is so much calmer, smiley and happy when we are alone. It makes all the other times more bearable to see her sweet personality shine. We are so happy to be home too. It is funny how much I want to be home, but yet how much I miss China too. I loved it there…..

  6. Christy says:

    Oh I feel for you with the time transition. It took us a little over a week and we felt yuck the entire time. It is a challenge for sure keeping the litte ones awake. I do not remember what we did…so no advice other than to say it will pass. Love seeing Eliza smile! It just lights up her entire face! Siblings are a blessing and It looks like she is enjoying them!

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