Amazing Confidence

When we pulled up at UW Madison yesterday, Eliza immediately got a burrow in her brow and her countenance changed.

Can’t blame our girl for that.

But then the feisty side of her took over, and she marched into that place oozing with confidence.

You go girl!


We saw the neurosurgeon first. As we checked into the clinic, which is where all the specialties are, we were told they were going to see 400 children that day. Wow.


The neurosurgeon appointment was fast and went well. Our doctor was a little disappointed to see that Eliza’s scar had “split” or “spread”, and was not the thin line she had so carefully brought together during surgery. It just happens to some children, and not to others. We are going to use some Vitamin E on it, in hopes to dull and calm the look of it some.

Next we were off to MRI.

Everyone was seeing the amazing confidence Eliza has too, and so we talked about options for the MRI….but put some numbing gel on two areas for an IV insertion while we talked.



Since Eliza decided she could not bend her one arm, or suck her other thumb with a bandage on her hand, she started sucking her tongue. At least she had a “show” to watch, even though it was not Curious George!


We decided to talk to Eliza about laying on the MRI table, laying still, how loud it would be as the camera took her picture, and that Mommy would be in there with her. She was all for it. So we headed to the MRI room with NO sedation at all.


It was LOUD. But we both wore ear plugs, and they wrapped Eliza in a blanket in a figure eight so she would be less likely to move. We were in the machine 15 minutes and it was over. Eliza cried, but she did not fight and laid still.

My strong baby girl, you will go far.

We did use sedation for the CMG. It took about two hours for that, and we were done!

We ate some lunch, even though it was about time for dinner. Eliza was silly and wobbly as she fully came out of the sedation!



And 2.2 seconds after I sat Eliza in her car seat, I looked back over and found this….


It was a very long day….but I think we have a lot to learn from our Eliza Claire.

She is one amazingly confident gift from God.


  1. Aunt Tracy says:

    What a sweet girl! We love the “tongue” sucking photo best! So the discussion around the computer is, how was Steph in there with her? Emily feels for your both as she’s had an MRI and remembers the noise vividly! Ugh! Strong little girl, strong mama!

    • Steph says:

      Yes, It was loud!! This was a quick spine MRI (hence the 15 minute duration) and the machine was open on both ends. I was on the table at the bottom of Eliza’s legs…kinda half on, half off. VERY comfortable, by the way ;0)

  2. Connie says:

    What a brave little girl, and also one that really trusts her momma. Interesting to know that she comforted herself by sucking her tongue. Quite the little sweetheart you have there. Glad that the day went well. I am sure you all were tired. Praise God things went well!

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