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Last night Blake and I went on a date! We did some secret shopping for a certain birthday girl who will soon have her birthday. (Shhh! Don’t tell!) Then we headed to a coffee shop, each got a delicious pour over, added some coconut cream that we brought along, and watched a video of a webinar from our adoption agency while we sipped.


Someday I want to head down south and personally hug each and everyone of these people who are making sure we are equipped for what the Lord has called us to. These are not just our “social workers.” These guys are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are on this mission field together. They have such a passion for the orphan crisis, which is the same passion that the Lord placed in our hearts well over a year ago.


Most don’t ask our motive for why we are adopting again. I am sure their opinions are formed, and that is a good enough answer for them. This is so much more than we can probably put into words anyway. Because we were called. Because we said yes. Because the glory is the Lord’s. Because it is Him who is strengthening our hands for what lies ahead.

Over a year and half ago, Blake and I felt a tugging at our hearts. Our lives are SO immensely blessed. So easy, really. But we knew that the Lord had some way He wanted us to serve Him more. We knew that as our kiddos grow up we do not want to live our lives for ourselves alone. Me in my little faith felt so limited. I cried out “how?” when I live with disease that is so hard to manage when I am away from home. Blake’s faith never waivered. He kept telling me that the Lord would show us, and we will know when He does. Stink. Blake is hardly ever wrong.

So we prayed. And we prayed. We prayed alone, together, and with the kids. I don’t really remember the moment the Lord showed us. But Blake was right. We knew. This was it. The Lord called. And we ALL said “Yes, Lord, here I am.” We didn’t question. We obeyed.

We formed our own opinions of what this meant for our family. Originally it was two little girls, in our minds around 5 and 7 years old. We even bought a new bed for the girls room! I will never, ever forget the day the Lord showed us that little Eliza was His plan…….something that I certainly cannot put into words.

Eliza bday

Last night on the video the analogy was shared that adoption is a lot like walking in the wilderness before reaching the promised land. I love this analogy – it certainly is true for us. This wilderness seems like the most narrow road we have yet traveled. But the Lord blesses us along the way with support from the most unexpected places……like a Mama who is in China right now who took time to write to me to tell me her hopes of getting to see OUR Eliza as they meet their little girl for the first time. Incredible. Or in two sweet gals at an appointment we had this week who had tears in their eyes as we talked about Eliza with them. Or hearing a dear friend telling me that she has literally knelt with her face on the ground praying for our sweet little Eliza. The path seems a little clearer. A little wider at times like these.

The stirring we have in our hearts for this ministry has not quieted at all. We are anxious to watch the Lord work in and through our lives, as we believe this journey is FAR from over for our family. We will just keep listening, keep obeying, and keep asking the Lord to strengthen our hands. Pray with us and for us.

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