All In A Day!!!

Even though things are busy, busy here, our days have a schedule we try to follow and a rhythm to them that Eliza counts on!

Blake and my day starts very early. Soon the three big kiddos are up for their day. The little boys sleep till they wake on their own (usually 7 a.m.). Grant heads outside for farm chores at 6:30 a.m. after his Bible time. We have breakfast at 7 a.m., do our inside chores, and then it is time to hit the books for the morning!




Eliza is a GREAT sleeper. I thank the Lord for this every single day. She sleeps from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. when I wake her for the day. She also takes a two to three hour nap. Our night time routine is going better! She still cries at bedtime, but it is not that fear filled, ear damaging scream anymore. It is more like the cry of every two year old who does not want all the action of the day to end to go to bed. Praising the Lord for all the progress being made!

Eliza is always SOUND asleep when I wake her in the morning!


Don’t you think this look says “Seriously, Mama! What are you doing waking me up?!”


Don’t judge! Within seconds she is bouncing around in her crib, singing her little songs, while I gather her clothes and straighten her room!



I feed Eliza breakfast while the others are working on school, or at least supposed to be working on school. This little Chinese wonder usually draws a crowd!!


After breakfast it is time to play! Have a mentioned we have a little climber? Yep. She can scale something in 2.1 seconds. But it is fun to play with Lane through the windows from the sun room to the living room!



I always have Eliza do some sensory work at the table too. Transitioning her often from thing to thing is our key to success!



While we are doing all this, Kayla is usually a blur running by! She blesses us SO much! Somehow in all she does each day, she still found time to tromp through the woods on our land to pick these-


And then made it into this- (We love you, KK!)


After school and lunch we are still taking care of things like this-


We have found our “canning groove” and are getting faster every time!


We had lots (and I mean LOTS) of rain over the weekend, but all that rain turned into temperatures like these-


Just too gorgeous! So we spend a lot of time outside! My amazing hubby found time over the weekend to trim our big ole pine tree in front of the house, and now we have the amazing view out the kitchen window back!! I love being able to see our cows while I work!!


During all that rain, some boys got out the window markers and now all of our windows look like this-


It has looked like a used car lot on the farm for awhile now, as we have sparrows who have taken over our garage and leave quite the mess on our vehicles!


We were all back together at church this week, for the first time since before leaving for China! So thankful for that! Eliza did amazing! I have been training her during our Bible time here at home. Making her sit on my lap, teaching her to be quiet, and using all the words to train her that I then used during church service. So worth the effort! She sat quietly and nicely for church service! Besides waving and smiling to others who had their eyes on her that is…..and I think she even told one sweet friend who was looking our way “shhhh!” with her finger over her lips! (sorry, Michelle!)

We just enjoyed baked yams for lunch, and now it is time to run Grant to the neighbor he is helping out for a few weeks, and then start chopping some more salsa before we run to town for our chiropractor appointments!

All in a day!!

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