About That Date

So, about that date with my hubby.

Feeling 17 again backfired big time!

Tate has slept all night long, without any fear at bedtime, since the very first night Blake put him to bed in China.

Blake and I were not here to put Tate to bed Friday night.

He went to bed perfectly for Addie!

But he has been up over and over and over again all night long every night since….and it started Friday night after we got home from our date.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that we were not here.


We still have a piles of smiles here though!!



This post may or may not make any sense!

Based on how much sleep I have had the last three nights!

We did widen Tate and Eliza’s world this weekend!!

Even with the rough nights, it went very well!

Saturday morning we went to a work day at church.

Tate helped outside, but I kept Eliza inside because it was super windy and cold.



We were able to go to church on Sunday! The littles did perfectly!

We enjoyed lunch and fellowship here at the farm afterward!

We had the privilege of two of David’s sisters staying with us!

Tate had very appropriate behavior around them!

I am so tired…so all these exclamation points look good!



We had a great week last week too!

I texted this photo to my Mom one afternoon, because these two told me they had their bags packed and were going to Grandmas!

My Mom texted me the next day to tell me my children were lost – they never showed up!


Kayla helped me make up some rollers with essential oil blends in them!

We have been using some oils for many years now, but recently have started using them a lot more!





The gas truck visited and filled our LP tanks!

That kept two busy little ones in one spot for a little while!


Addie and I have been having fun in the kitchen, as always, making some new things!

These grain-free lemon drop cookies were super yummy!

I may have had one! Or seven!


I made a pumpkin pie smoothie one afternoon!

It was SO good!


Mint melt-aways!


And soup season is in full swing! YAY!


The littles like to play games before bed!


I had to pull over to take this photo as I was headed down the ridge one evening!

It is just simply too gorgeous on this ridge!


Tate has learned SO much in 10 weeks! He recognizes all of the letters of the alphabet!


For some reason, the food on my plate and the water in my jar always looks better to Tate than his!

However we can get nutrition and hydration into our little man works for me!


Mr. Tate, you may not be sleeping well at night right now, but we love you SO much sweet boy!!


Now if you all will excuse me, I am going to take a nap before I go to bed!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!


  1. Kelly says:

    Great post but I had to say I was a little bit disappointed. LOL. About that date …. was interrupted in my mind as Baby K came early. And just to let you know if I find out via blog this Great Aunt is not going to be happy! 😜

  2. Allison Bontrager says:

    Aww! So sorry to hear about this new struggle, yet thrilled to read about the progress being made with Eliza. Kayla told me how you are using oils. That is jus wonderful! It is crazy how there very infancy is effecting them! You guys are HEROS!!’nnn

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