A Wonderful Gift

Isn’t this wonderful gift a HUGE blessing?! Just had to show you all! A cast iron griddle and grill pan that covers the whole stove top!


My loving hubby told me he felt like he was buying me a gift equivalent to a chain saw!


But he is wrong. I LOVE being in the kitchen, cooking, AND making pancakes! I love making pancakes!! And soup. Have I told you I love soup??!


So this gift is a blessing. (Thank you, honey!) And the pancakes got great reviews!

Can’t wait to flip it over to the grill side and grill some chicken on it too!


  1. Tracy says:

    I love the new griddle! And I love that it is cast iron! I did laugh about it being compared to a chainsaw. In Nolan’s mind that would’ve been a huge compliment!

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