A Whirlwind

As you probably know, life here has been a whirlwind!

Tuesday morning (the morning we received the call about Travel Approval!!) I was hopping in the shower at 5 a.m. just like a normal day.

That is when my hubby came racing in to say it was time for a rodeo, cause the cows were out.


I love chasing cows in my pjs. That’s usually how it works.

Once we got them back in, Grant and Blake walked the whole fence.

Then Blake drove to town to buy a new shock system to really fix the problem, while Chad sat in the grass by the pasture eating his pancakes and sausage to keep an eye on those beasts.

So I asked my sweet hubby, “What do I do if this happens while you guys are in China?”

He just stared at me blankly, he, he.

And then there was a tree frog hopping around my kitchen.

Ok. Moving on.

I spent most of Wednesday trying to arrange travel for the guys to get to Hohhot!

Their travel arrangements are not ideal…..and their trek to Hohhot includes two overnight hotel stays. Yikes.

Which means they actually leave this Thursday, July 23th.

But their plane tickets are bought! Praise! Praise!


We are still getting our morning school schedule done…..most of the time!

I made this simple page for Eliza one morning, and was thrilled when she knew how to find the “E’s!!”



I have spent some time packing for the guys! I always have the cutest helpers.



We had a little celebration for Eliza’s day!!

With a gift, noodles for dinner, and ice cream cake for dessert!





These guys here met their fate. That’s just 80 less things we have to keep alive while the guys are in China!



Remember this guy?! His days start very early on our farm, and end very late on the farm he works at now!

Six more days till you head to China, Grant!!


I was craving a bowl of fresh fruit and nuts with milk over it. So I made some almond milk! It was perfectly yummy!!


Remember Bessie?


We are praising the Lord that she finally sold! Just in the nick of time! Love how the Lord provides at just the right moment!!

I have to admit, I was a little sentimental about selling our big ‘ol van. We have lots and lots of memories that were made in that van!

Glad we have those memories tucked deep in our hearts, and photos, like this one, to keep the memories alive in our minds.


Once in awhile, the stress of the financial side of adoption will sneak up on us.

But then we see this.


Or this.


This. Oh my.




This, of course.


And most certainly this.


There are hundreds of these blessed reminders every. single. day.

I wish we would never doubt that the Lord will always provide!!

He always, always has!!!! And I just know He will again!!

So here we are, humbled again.

He heard each and every prayer for our timeline.

And He answered.

In ways that we never could have imagined.

This will never be forgotten.

The Lord has used these last weeks to mold us and shape us for what lies ahead!

We wait with excited anticipation to see what all that will be.

Did you hear???!!!

The guys are going to China!! In six days!!!!

Keep praying with us dear friends!!!!


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