A Week of Summer School

Our first week of “morning summer school” was super fun and the kiddos loved it!!

I am not surprised in the least, because there is a Proverb that says “a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” Ahem. Yes.

When we start our days on a schedule, with purpose, focus, and direction, these kiddos are purposeful and focused the whole day. I love that!

I am teaching the two youngest the Old Testament Bible stories.

We learned about the Tower of Babel this week!

It prompted good conversation about trying to do things on your own strength without God, and about pride.


It also prompted a study of languages! I love how easily one thing just rolls into another and another and another! There is so much to learn!

I made a Go Fish game out of cards that have all different ways to say Hello.

Of course we had to google some of them first to listen to how they were pronounced!

Chad’s school is self-directed, which he LOVES. But google recorded “hellos” lured him into the school room to listen with us!


Besides doing our regular Math and Phonics, I had hands on things for the two littles each day.

They both thrive with hands on learning!

A Math graph –



Yep. That is Eliza in Tate’s shorts and pj top! Again. And again. And again. I do manage to wash it every couple of days. Smile.


A rhyming words activity – which Eliza really did not know the answers to, but the fine motor practice of putting the clothes pins on the cards was perfect for her!




Sitting at the school table in the mornings prompted a lot of creative play during free time in the afternoons!

That is the vision I had for this spot! We have a win!


Did you notice the “new” table?! Blake bought a $10 door blank that was in the junk pile at Menards! We are going to stain it, seal it, and then liquid nail it to the old table!

This new table is a lot bigger than the old one – just in time for a new student to arrive!


Lane made this drawing and told me it was our whole family in age order!


In the afternoons this past week, we worked on anything that needed done.

Chad and I have become the mowing team (how did that happen??!!).

While he and I did that this week, Addie set up our small tent in the yard and filled it with games for the dynamic duo.





I would say it was a hit!!



They also colored on the windows for awhile one afternoon.


For some reason, that is way more fun than paper!!


I also got back out our chore packs. The big kiddos hardly ever look at their chore list on the fridge anymore – they have what they are to do each day memorized.

There is one cute little man with mile long eye lashes that is hard to keep on task.

Maybe more like impossible to keep on task!

Having his chores on cards in a chore pack that he clips to his shirt did the trick.


Of course, Lane’s side kick needed one too! So I even put a card for Eliza to drink her water all gone because her morning glass of water has meds in it!


I have another fun plan for school this week too!

Tomorrow morning we are starting out with the story of Abraham!!!

**Did you hear we are waiting on Travel Approval??!!!!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


  1. Faith says:

    Another “hello” to add to your arsenal. Jambo is swahili for hello and is pronounced “Jawm-beau.” (We learned that in VBS last week.)

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