A Very Busy Day!

Early this morning we were able to Skype with Blake and Grant!

They had just arrived at their hotel in Guangzhou where they were going to get some sleep before their morning flight to Hohhot!

Their trip so far had been very good!

They were wide awake and hyper!

Not sure how much sleep they would be getting!


Seeing Blake and Grant through the computer upset Eliza very, very much.

Thankfully after a big breakfast and a little bit of time, things were much better!

So we headed out to the Farmer’s Market with Kayla.

Then we had lunch at David and Kayla’s place!


We came home to cool off in the pool.

We ended the day with dinner around the fire!












The children are clean and asleep, the floors are swept, the laundry is folded, and the dishes are done! The pool is covered and the barn is locked! I think that completes a very full day!

Super excited to hear from the guys after they arrive at their hotel in Hohhot!! Hopefully very soon yet tonight!

Hoping and praying that Tate will be with them early enough on Monday their time that we will be able to meet him on Skype Sunday night our time!!!

He does have approximately a three hour car ride to get to Blake and Grant though. I can’t wait to hear what the plans are!

I will let you know! I can promise you that!

Please pray for safety for the guys.

And please pray for Tate!

Thank you for your prayers!