A Stirring In My Heart

I have a stirring in my heart.

It’s all about Tate.


My heart has filled my mind with thoughts of him all day long.

I picture him with us in everything!

Like when some littles are sitting outside with a snack.

Will you sit there and giggle with them, Tate?


Or when I am eating a salad, and our sweet little girl is asking for bites faster than I can get them to her.

Will you love salad too, Tate?


I especially think of him on days like today, as Eliza has tests and a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

I wonder all we will have to ask our little boy to endure.

Tate March 2013

We got word on April 2nd that our Dossier is in translation!

We are excitedly waiting for that Letter of Acceptance (LOA)!

This stirring in my heart for our little man will not go away until I can hold him in my arms.

We love you Tate! We are praying for you! We will be there soon, sweet boy!


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