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Each night before Kayla goes to bed, she composes an e-mail to us with photos about their day that day. Between that and Skype, we are sustained. We miss these guys so much. Kayla is doing an AMAZING job of finding fun things for these boys to do each day. I wish I had time to copy each e-mail and download all the photos so you could get a glimpse into life at home while we are here….but when I got this e-mail upon waking this morning, I just knew I needed to take the time to post it! ENJOY!

How are things today?? You are CONSTANTLY on my mind and in my prayers. I try to imagine what you must be doing.. how hot it is.. how loud little Eliza can scream.. or how bad it smells. And I can’t. But I like to try. So anxious to see you here.

Mom, I must say the surprise bags for each day were a genius idea. Everyday as Lane comes down, even before his eyes are open, he whispers “surprise?” and I go get the bags. They love it. Today was army men and I wish I had taken a picture of them playing them for 4 plus hours in the kiddy pool after Chad finished mowing 🙂

Today went soooo fast. Its like a new, fast normal. Its hard to remember exactly what all is happening right now, it just goes by so quickly!

Getting ready for the fair, I’ll be honest, I was wondering if it really was worth all the work all afternoon of getting food made and together to take, cleaning up everyone, and getting the farm in order to leave. Later, as we drove away from the fair grounds towards the sun set over the ridge- Lane said “thank you thank you thank you Kayla.. that was sooooo fun.” and sighed tiredly. Seeing him and Chad so excited about everything was so cute! (p.s. Lane dressed himself)

fair 2

check out the sheep in the background.. talk about hair do.

fair 1

fair 3 - Copy

fair 4

fair 5

fair 6

Dad… Chinese concessions. Wow.

fair 7

The beef cattle barn was a favorite and we had to go through it ooooooonnnnneee last time before we left. As we admired the big rear ends of the sleeping bovines, one stood up at rocket launched manure unto my boots. Grant split a gut laughing for sure.

fair 8

As we got to the fair, Lane loudly exclaimed that he was riding the Farris Wheel and didn’t stop talking about it all evening. He’s totally come out of his shell and I even had to watch it as he just will talk to any stranger we came across in line, etc. His excitement and desire to ride rides surprised me! He is growing up! David bought each person two tickets and we embarked on the long awaited Farris wheel ride. Oh boy, little man was thrilled! At the top it was firmly decided he was now going to ride the swings. Oh the giggles from them both!

fair 9

fair 10

Grant, Sarah, and David rode this thing called the Tornado, or see the colors of your dinner, or something like that. puke.
(the dude with his arms in the air is Grant. Go big or go home in his case 😉 )

fair 11

Just soaking up these days.

Love love,


  1. Natasha :) says:

    I’ve been reading your blog every day and words cannot describe. I am in awe over your experiance and so excited for your entire family 🙂 I can’t wait to meet her and pray for a safe trip home.

  2. Debi says:

    So wonderful to see all that is happening with your family. Wow, I have to say that you tore at my heart strings to see the orphanage and hear how many children are there with out mommies and daddies.
    Praying for Eliza, that her confidence in you all and the bonding as a family would roll like a snowball done a hill and grow quickly!
    What a wonderful opportunity for all of you!
    Love you all!

  3. Sandra Endress says:

    Kayla, you crack me up. You write just like you talk! What a comfort you must be to your mom and dad – taking care of the home front like a pro. Can I say you’ll be a great mom one day!

  4. Kelly says:

    Love this post! Kayla, where are the CAT tractors??? And I would have been in BIG trouble with the manure as I am 1000% certain I would have been in flip flops!!

  5. Teresa Nesler says:

    Hey! Last time I rode a swing like that, I was looking back to see who was behind me in case I got sick, then I spent the rest of the evening laying on a parked bench sicker than a dog. My swinging days are over (even on rope hanging from trees) but I am so happy you are enjoying your brother’s and friends. Love you guys!

      • Teresa Nesler says:

        Jane, Jane, Jane of the jungle as fast as she can be…Look out for that tree or branches…LOL Grant is a good rope flinger is all I have to say about it.

        Love you guy’s! Teresa

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