A New Year

It may be a new year, but a lot of things are still the same!

Like my love for cooking and baking!

I made waffles, warmed berries, warm syrup, coconut cream, and breakfast sausage for breakfast the day after we arrived home from our weekend away.

We had eaten a lot of cold food for three days, and the kids ooohed and aaahed over their breakfast like never before!

There is one guy who lives here who seems to hug the insides of trucks all day.

Or something like that.

Glad Addie does all the laundry!

Christmas break brought a lot of free time for some kiddos to play!

This young lady came to take my order one afternoon!

Most restaurants don’t make you spell everything you want to order – just saying!

Isn’t she cute, though?!

New lego sets from big sis Kayla have been a hit!

These two cherubs.

Always, always together.

Big sissy runs errands for us a lot before and after work!

You can’t bring home a new pile of library books without reading some right away!

We worked on lots of thank you notes over break!

I let them always do their own thing – and for the two littles, I write what they want to say.

Super cute.

Chad had an orthodontist appointment!

We moved it up from March once Eliza’s surgery was cancelled.

He got spacers put in that day, and gets his second set of braces on Monday morning.

This is Blake’s “Please stop taking my photo” face.

Sorry, honey!!

Sadie is the kind of dog that knows just what you need.

That fact that Eliza can nurture this pup of ours the way she does, pretty much takes our breath away.

Kayla had my name for Christmas!

She bought me a new planner…specifically saying it might cure my sticky note habit – ahem!

I may have used sticky notes in excess, yes.

But they were my brains!!

And everyone knew to NEVER touch them or move them!

I am love, loving this planner though.

Sorry sticky note manufacturer!

You just lost your best customer!

This is usually a Tuesday thing – left over chicken parts making stock in a crock pot!

We are so predictable that way.

Someone, who was blessing his Mama by putting this stock away after dinner that night, forgot to put the bowl under the strainer in the sink, and all of that liquid gold went down the drain!

We laughed.

It was funny!

This guy talks my ears off.

I love listening to him!

Being a good listener – and looking into his eyes as he speaks to me – is probably the number one things that has made my and Tate’s bond so tight!

He has a HUGE need to express himself this way!

It think that is why he would get so frustrated when he first came home….it wasn’t about this crazy new family who loved him to pieces….he just wanted to TALK to us, and he did not know English yet!

We have a lot of goals around here – and one of them is getting laying hens come this spring!

Nothing like farm fresh eggs!

I have been spending more time downstairs, and the afternoon sunlight is DIVINE.

Did I mention we like to eat?

I might eat chocolate everyday.

Just a small bit, though!!

We have had some illness here this week, and the sore throat that came with this virus is fierce.

Chad was in bed from Saturday afternoon until yesterday morning – five full days.

Now it is Lane’s turn.

Praying it stops there!

I have been making lots of soft and soothing foods for my patients this week.

Our weekend plans just got cancelled.

I am sure I will still find plenty to do – beings that the kitchen is always calling my name!

Hope you all will have a blessed weekend too!!


  1. Amber says:

    You need to start writing your recipes down!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ I am sorry you have sick ones we had that right before Christmas and through Christmas. It was the worse sore throat I’ve ever had. I drank down thieves. πŸ˜‰ and has the diffuser going like crazy.

    • Steph says:

      I used to share recipes here on the blog, and was just thinking about starting that up again! Yes, these sore throats are fierce. πŸ˜” Glad you all are well again!

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