A New Student!!

We are settling in more and more as each day passes!

Everyone is almost sleeping through the night.

Tate has been up just a little bit, and our pup Lexi gets a smig loud when the deer walk through the farm early each morning.


Blake went back to work right away on Monday last week.

Grant went back to work this Saturday.

Tate is settling into our routines so well!

Here we are singing some hymns with You Tube one night before bed.

And I was giving some love squeezes at the same time!

I just can’t help myself!!

Tate loves to sing!


Before Tate came home, one morning during chore time Lane told me that he could not wait for Tate to be home so he and Chad would both have a helper for their chores.

You know, the important stuff!

For Blake and I, working has always been about fun, fellowship, and reaching our children’s hearts.

It is so sweet to see the kiddos draw the littles into fellowship while doing their chores together.

More is caught than taught!


Since things are going so perfectly, I decided to jump back into school today.

Do you know what I am going to say?


Tate LOVED it.

Why, of course he did!




The two littles and Lane colored while I read the story of Joseph from the Old Testament.

A little FYI – we have started calling Tate and Eliza the littles, Chad and Lane the middles, and Grant and Addie the bigs! Clever, huh?


Tate kept raising his hand while I was reading.

I kid you not!

I would call on him, like any good teacher would do, and he would either repeat a word I had just said, or tell me something very important in Chinese.

We just nod our heads and agree with him when he speaks Chinese to us! Hmmmm…..

We are rowing the book Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car, so after Bible time we worked on that.


Our focus was on Science today and learning about the water cycle and clouds.

Way too much fun stuff to do!!

We made a water cycle in a bag….but we need some sunshine to actually make it work.






Then I set the littles free to play so Lane and I could work on Math and Phonics.


After Lane finished his work with me, I set him up with a race car math facts game on the computer.

He is a fun student to have!


Doesn’t he look HUGE?!

And, yes, his glasses are SO crooked again that he cannot even wear them. Sigh.


Chad’s school is self directed!

Because he devours books.

I have a time set up while the littles are napping to meet with Chad for any questions he might have.

But this one will out Math me by eighth grade, I am sure!

Good thing I have a grown up version of him living here too….to help with Math and all.



That pretty much sums up our day (no pun intended!)…except for going back to the hospital with Tate for some ultrasound imaging.

I thought the technicians and child life gal were going to steal him!!


Chad was my special helper.


This evening David and Kayla surprised Grant and Addie and took them to The Willis Clan concert!

I am getting texts – and I know they are having a BLAST!


Also this evening, Eliza started running a fever and feeling sick to her tummy.

Nothing like hanging out at a hospital to test your immune systems, huh?

Our poor baby girl.


Maybe it is just the sight of that bucket, but I have been feeling queasy too.

Good thing we do not have any where else to be this week!

We still need to be just us cocooning with our sweet boy – till Tate understands that people at the hospital are not his Mama!

I can’t even put into words what ten days has done for Tate already!

Thank you, Jesus, for this precious boy!!


  1. Connie says:

    Oh, poor little Eliza. I hope she will feel better quickly, and that no one else comes down with anything. She really doesn’t look like she feels well. Unusual not to see that sunny smile on her face. Poor baby! The water cycling experiment looks like a lot of fun and they learn so much from it. Your an amazing Mom! Lots of love to all of you.

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