A New Normal

This past week has brought a new normal.

We are on the other side of constant doctor appointments, surgery, hospital trips, healing, the holidays…..and we are learning how to cope with loss – which has not been easy.

Our days are full here at home though, and have a rhythm to them again that allows us to know what to expect next.

Which means school is moving along!

With a turn of my chair I go from the study of government, to multiplying with decimals, to learning about cranberry bogs, to playing with glue….

….and I am loving every single second!



We “rowed” the book Cranberry Thanksgiving – it is the cutest book! A little late for Thanksgiving, I know, but there were tons of ideas on line when I planned this back around Thanksgiving time.

Science is always fun when you mix acids and bases.


We also made silhouettes because one page in the book is done this way!


Now we are reading Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, so we made some bird seed doughnuts to hang in the trees outside.








During our Bible time, we have been listening to some powerful sermons! Love when the kiddos tell Blake all about them in the evenings!


Since Blake and I had to leave in the middle of the night for Milwaukee, some super sweet newlyweds and their dog spent the night here!

And then enjoyed some morning cuddles.


Jie Jie did a craft with Eliza and Lane while I was away…









During our Friday house cleaning, we knocked out another winter cleaning project! The boys’ room. Ok, then. Note to self: go upstairs and check on things more often…



Addie and I also have been looking for new food ideas. We made some grain-free pancakes with quinoa flour. Quinoa has a very distinct flavor, but everyone gave them a thumbs up!

They made a great photo opportunity too!


It seems in just the last two weeks this little one’s language has EXPLODED!!

It makes us laugh all day long!

Because she says things like : “No problem.” “Just a second!” “I’m Liza. It’s me!” “Sure!” and when we don’t understand what she is saying, she will say “Show you. Show you!”


She is also working hard at counting to ten.

I would say our new normal is way too much fun!! So many blessings!!


  1. The Mayo's says:

    Came over to say ‘hi’ and see how y’all are doing?
    We have some friends over that we were introducing to you! Smile! =)
    Please know that we keep your sweet family in our prayers!
    The Mayo Family
    1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

    What time is breakfast Saturday morning?!?!? =)

    • Steph says:

      Hi to you all too! We will be expecting you around 9 on Saturday ;0) Oh my goodness….wouldn’t that be FUN?!!?! Thank you for praying for us. Love you guys!!

  2. Kristen says:

    YAY ELIZA!!!! You might know that little Chinese girl would be stuck on 9! Did you know it’s considered one of the luckiest of numbers in Chinese culture? Not that we believers believe in lucky numbers but I’m just sayin’! 🙂 Gosh I sure love y’all. So embarrassed it’s been so long since I checked in on your wonderful blog!

    • Steph says:

      HEEYYYYYY!!!!! I check yours….hmmm….seems a little quiet over on that one ;0) MISS YOU SOMETHING TERRIBLE!!! Want to go to China with us again??? We love you all too. When you coming for that visit??

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