A Glimpse Into Tate’s Past

On the day that Tate was brought to Blake and Grant in Hohhot, Tate had a bag full of precious treasures.

Tate's Homecoming 144

I can hardly breathe when I look at these things….imagining the love that was poured into making a scrapbook, a CD full of photos, and collecting Tate’s artwork to place into that bag.

Tate's Homecoming 152

Tate's Homecoming 153

I have mentioned before that we know Tate was fiercely loved – and we believe that simply by how prepared he was to meet us, how calm and fearless he has been since that day, his endless dimple-filled smile, and how many things he has obviously already experienced in his first four years.


He was fiercely loved.

Tate's Homecoming 143

There is an American who, years ago, started a program called Half The Sky.

After adopting their little girl from China in 1997, she was burdened to teach the caretakers of the children in the Chinese orphanages how to make a difference in the children’s development – all by showing them appropriate LOVE. You can see a recent video about this gal they now call Angel Mom here. Please watch it – it is so worth the time.

In 2009, Half The Sky started working with the orphanage Tate lived in.

The impact of the training these caretakers are receiving is SO OBVIOUS.

Tate's Homecoming 137

And it leaves us speechless.

It also gave us a glimpse into Tate’s past through the beautiful keepsakes that were sent home with him.

Over one hundred photos.

Tate's Homecoming 151

Tate's Homecoming 150

Tate's Homecoming 148

Tate's Homecoming 145

Pages upon pages of writing about our precious little boy.

Tate's Homecoming 149

And a whole pile of his beautiful art work.

Tate's Homecoming 139

Tate's Homecoming 140

An amazing gift.

A precious glimpse into Tate’s past.

A treasure for his future.

How I wish I could hug each and every nanny that poured their time and love into Tate.

He is who he is because of how the Lord used them.

They will never be forgotten.


  1. Lisa says:

    What a treasure for him to have when he is older. What a precious gift. Just think. Someday you will be able to meet some of these people in heaven. What a day THAT will be!

  2. Debi says:

    So great to see how wonderful everything is going! Tate is precious! Your family is precious! God has so blessed you and you are a blessing! Thanks for sharing about Half the Sky and Angel Mom! It was very reassuring to see what one person can do and put into motion for God’s precious children!

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