A Field Trip With Kayla!

Kayla came over on Thursday and stole her siblings took everyone on a field trip to the farm show!


And left me at home.


For almost three hours.

Which is unheard of!


I did not soak in the tub and eat bon bons….although the thought crossed my mind.

I did things like sweep the floors, pick up clutter, this week’s menu plans, the grocery list, insurance paperwork…..

And didn’t have to ask anyone to move their feet.

Or stop to change a diaper, read a book out loud, feed anyone, or answer a question.

Weird, I know!!

The kids had a blast!! Especially getting inside the tractors! Notice Eliza’s flapping feet and hands!






I heard that this little cutie pie was stealing hearts too.

It is her full time job.


They came home with all kinds of goodies. But most of all, they came home with memories. Memories of time with their big sis!


Thanks for the fun field trip, Kayla!!!


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