A Day Of Play

We have had a delightful Sunday! We made it to church, even though our farm nor the roads off this ridge had been plowed yet this morning. After a quick lunch of leftovers, the guys sighted in their guns, and us girls prepared some food for the busy week ahead. We played some rowdy games, and then the boys found some model clay that I had picked up not too long ago! Was so excited to see this when I was looking for something else shopping that day – because it is wheat free! Made for busy little hands while Addie and I made dinner.








We would appreciate prayers for our day tomorrow. Blake, Eliza and I will be heading to UW Madison Children’s Hospital to meet Eliza’s pediatric neurosurgeon and to schedule Eliza’s surgery. Please pray with us!

*We are asking the Lord’s favor in expediting this surgery, as our out-of-pocket expenses for our insurance have been met for this year and the surgery will be covered 100%. If we cannot get it done before December 31st, it will be another $4500 out-of-pocket right away.

*For travel mercies to and from Madison, which is about 2 1/2 hours away from the farm.

*For a good connection with this surgeon, as we need to develop good relationships with those who care for Eliza’s health (and soon Tate’s health too).

Thank you for your prayers!!


  1. Tristan says:

    Praying! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow as well. I’ll have to tell you more about it once it is done. Being at my own appointment will keep Eliza fresh on my mind for prayer!

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