A Birthday Party

Blake and Tate slept till 11 a.m. this morning, and Grant until noon. That was a good, solid 14 hours for our new little man! It was very hard to wait for our three guys to wake up today!


Tate plays so nicely! You can tell he has had lots of opportunity for playing! He also is so kind to Eliza and shares anything and everything with her! They are doing so well together and really enjoy each other. Tate is such a well behaved little boy. He says “Thank you, Mama” every time I hand him something. He has such a smart, calm, joyful spirit about him. He is afraid of the dogs and cats, but will not scream or freak out when they come near him, he will just look to Blake or I for reassurance that they will not bother him and he will be ok. He is very social, likes to be around all the kiddos, and likes to be busy. We have plenty to keep him busy, and he really has enjoyed exploring all the spots where things are that he is allowed to have!


After lunch today, we had a little birthday celebration for Tate! He understood what to do when I showed him his presents! It was such a sweet time to watch him open his gifts and hear him say “WOW” before he even had the tissue paper off the top!

This celebration was a potential for disaster for Eliza, as Tate and all that has gone on to get him home has already rocked her world. I am happy to say that she was amazing! She was really focused on Tate and very excited for him!









Addie Mae quickly made a cake this morning when we decided to have Tate open his gifts today! Vanilla with chocolate frosting! Tate totally knew what this part was all about! He was licking his lips as he looked at that cake!







Here is some sweetness to end this post…..and I am not talking about that cake! Pay attention to Tate’s sweet spirit, and just ignore his Mama who can’t get through singing Happy Birthday without crying!

Happy Birthday, Tate Owen!!!

We love you SO much!!


  1. Christy says:

    Precious! So glad he adjusting so well and Eliza too. That is a big change for both little ones. I showed our Lily (age 4 from China) and she said “Awe he is cute.” She loves seeing his pictures and loved the video.

  2. Kristen says:

    You sweet mama! I love you so much. How beautiful to see the joy in everyone. That Tate is an amazing boy. Happy happy birthday you doll baby!

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