24 Hours to Remember

After spending the morning at the doctor yesterday, our day was pretty normal.

Until Tate fell off the arm of the couch, that is.

We heard the thud from the kitchen, and then silence.

Not sure my feet touched the ground till I was at his side.

He was unconscious.

After a speedy call to Blake, Chad and I ran out the door with Tate and headed to the E.R.

For the first couple of hours there, this is how Tate was….conscious, but asleep and hard to wake.


A CT scan showed a bleed in Tate’s brain….and just like that we were being admitted.

Before we moved upstairs, Tate roused and even ate some jello which he gave me a thumbs up for.


Tate also needed an IV placed in case of a need for emergent drugs, and I am pretty sure this is not a thumbs up look on his face after they did that.


We were admitted to the peds floor, which I am so thankful for now. There was a debate between the peds floor or the neuro floor.

This place was amazing – they made Tate feel so safe, special and loved.


Blake ran home to get some supplies, came back, and we ate our dinner in the dark at 10:30 p.m.

We reintroduced ourselves to each other, cause life has been a little, well, like this post.

Then he left again at midnight, because this had scared Eliza, and she was struggling at home.

They gave me permission to climb in bed with Tate at some point during the night, and once I did that, he settled in nicely and slept better.

He was passing all of the neuro checks perfectly. Praise the Lord.

When morning came, Blake was back, with hot coffee mind you, and Tate had some important decisions to make!

He picked eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a banana….

…..which he calls egg-a-dees, saus-a-dees, tato, and nana.

We had his people call in the order for lack of confusion.


After that we waited on the neuro team and the peds team to check on Tate – hoping and praying they would both agree to discharge papers.

So we quietly played.



Took a nap.


Read some really cool books.


Walked to the play room to prove Tate had his sea legs back.


And so my big kid could play.


We found a wagon and rode around for awhile.


And finally we were given the OK to be released to come home.

With orders for Tate to be still, quiet, and not hit his head again.

Believe me, we are working on that.

Since I am typing instead of talking (I do not have a voice at the moment), there is so much more I could say about our experience over the last 24 hours.

Do you ever sit back during something that should be so stressful, look up, and say “Is this person the reason we are here Lord?!”

Did that. And then prayed a humble prayer that Blake and I could bring glory to God admist another trial.

These littles give us the BIGGEST opportunities to give Glory where Glory is due.

Tate and Eliza draw attention, a lot of questions, and HUGE smiles from everyone they meet.

I hope and pray that the Lord will be able to use the seeds that were planted in each person we talked to during our stay at the hospital.

Tate Owen, our precious son, I have never loved you more.

But please, sweet boy, be more careful, cause you can really scare your Mama to pieces.


  1. Connie says:

    Oh, so thankful you were able to go home so soon. What a scare though! While reading your blog I couldn’t help but think how much amazing love you have for this sweet little boy that you didn’t even know not that long ago. In our bellies or in our hearts wherever they grow we love them so so much! Thank you, Lord, for the precious gift of children.

  2. Gwen Hafford says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so thankful everything turned out ok and you are back home! Those bumps on the head can be so frightening, especially when this one caused Tate to lose consciousness. Poor little guy. Glad you weathered it, as well. Hugs!

  3. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I cannot get to the end of this blog fast enough!! So thankful Tate is doing ok—Tate, STOP it! Ok… Glad you were able to be a testimony and a blessing. Praying for complete healing, strength for quiet time, and peace for Eliza. Tate, no more! 👍

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