It’s been awhile!

Where to begin?

At the beginning, I guess!

I was the last one to get the illness that slowly made its way through our home.

I was in bed for FIVE days.

Thankfully three of those days were over the weekend, so there were other adults here to take care of things!

And they took good care of me too!

Even Kayla helped take care of me!

With a special delivery one afternoon!

I was back on my feet for about three days before it all turned into a sinus infection – and back to bed I went!

I was just miserable, but knew it could have been SO much worse – so I was thankful!

I have heard of other big families getting sick and being sick for so long (because of the amount of people in the family) that some even get sick twice from the same illness.


That happened.

Poor Lane.

He spent three more days down and out the second time around.

In between all of the illness, many good things have been happening around here!

Even though it felt like we did not sit down to eat as a whole family at the table for a very long time, everyone still needed to eat!

Which means I still had to grocery shop!

There is always, always good food here!

Like smoothies –

Soups –

Homemade hummus –

What we call “snack plate” lunches –

Do you see all that fresh garlic on that avacado?!

Snacks, always snacks –

Muffins –

Dinner – Stir fry and fajitas –

And let’s please not forget the coffee!

Feeding my crew is one of my favorite things!!

We also kept up with our chores.

The healthy ones would do chores for whoever was sick.

Sadie knows licking the dishes in not allowed, but the struggle is still real!

Just look at her!

We also had school with whoever was on their feet!

So thankful the kiddos could get well without having to make up school assignments because they are not behind since we school at home!

One morning the littles read words on flashcards.

They got to keep each card that they read correctly!

Then at snack time they exchanged their cards for chocolate chips – one card for one chocolate chip!

It was fun.

So easy to make them smile and love to learn!!

We start each morning with a handwriting practice page.

You never know where you will find Lane doing his work!

He gets distracted very easily so he hardly ever sits with the rest of us.

We are back to read aloud now that I have my voice back!

We love to play games!

There is always a game going on somewhere!

Tate and Eliza were playing chess, checkers and Uno all at once one day.

I think they may have been on to something!!

And play doh!

We always get outside whenever the weather permits!

Such an important part of the day!

We watched some shows while we were sick too.

I found this show called Home Town that we streamed off Amazon.

We all enjoyed watching it together!

We still have guitar lessons once a week!

The boys are enjoying guitar very much.

Eliza and I snuck out last Saturday afternoon to do some shopping with Auntie Gail!

Eliza was SO excited!

Until we bought the only two things she needed (new shoes and new leggings) at the very first stop – and then she was done shopping!

That’s ok!

Auntie Gail came home with us!

And then Hannah came over too and stayed the night!

It was a GREAT Saturday!

Chad had an appointment last Monday to have two permanent teeth pulled.

He has already had two other permanent teeth pulled.

It is part of his orthodontic treatment plan.

It seems extreme, I know!

It is not something the orthodontist likes to do – but Blake and I saw those x-rays too – and Chad’s mouth is simply WAY too full.

I had permanent teeth pulled when I had braces all those years ago – six teeth to be exact.

For me the results have been very good.

We are trusting and hoping Chad’s results from treatment will be good too!

Poor guy was miserable that afternoon!

As always, there is so much I want to remember!

Like watching Tate brush his teeth!

Or how I have to pull the covers off Tate’s head to wake him up from his nap!

Or how sweet Eliza is with Sadie!

They love each other so much.

Or how much these two cuties love to sing!

Concerts are often and free around here.

We were also blessed with a visit from David’s sister!

How I love Twin Oaks full of people!

I have been the grocery shopper, remember?

I am in town Friday mornings and grab grocery then.

Twice I have texted Blake while at the store and he was able to take his lunch hour to come and meet me!

Mid-day dates are a new thing, but I am loving them!

They usually include coffee!!

That handsome date of mine also brought home a treat for me on Valentine’s Day!

SO sweet – my favorite things!

My Valentine present to Blake was talking his ear off till midnight that night!

Because he brought home a huge coffee that was half-caf!

So thankful Blake has been my Valentine for almost 31 years and we still have SO much to talk about and love doing life together too!

Addie Mae was home on Valentine’s Day and made cookies for the kiddos.

With frosting!

Everything in our fridge in the garage keep freezing.

Frozen apples, oranges and milk are not ok!

So the guys carried the fridge around the house in the dark and in the snow so they could put it in the storage room.

They are so good to me that way!

Of course carrying a fridge was not enough of a work out, so there was a stop for some pull-ups.

Crazy boys!

Well, that was a huge pile of memories!

We have enjoyed these last weeks very much – even in all of the illness.

I must say – we are excited to see the days getting longer and to know that March is almost here!

The best is yet to come!

I hope you all have been able to stay healthy with all of the illness that is out there this year.

Here’s hoping you have a great start to this week!

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Some Of Our Favorite People

Twin Oaks is at its BEST when it is FULL of people.

Especially when they are some of our favorite people!

Being NaiNai to my three grands just has NO words.

It is a love like no other!!!

We also like to go to River’s place to see our favorite people!

Usually it’s for lunch and a play date!

Just look at this photo.

Only God.

An aunt, a niece, an uncle, and a nephew.

Growing up as best of friends.

Oh my heart!!

They have had illness too, but are on the mend as well!

Kayla texted me the other day and said “When you get healthy you might get sick of us – never gonna leave you alone!!”

Sounds like the PERFECT plan!

Can’t wait to make more memories with these precious, precious ones!!!