Moschel Academy

I blinked and it is now October.

The last week of October!

I cannot believe we are in our eleventh week of this school year already!

The week before last, the littles were learning about the letter “G.”

It was a fun week of all things giraffe, gumball machines, and grapes!

Honestly, this grape craft was just to keep their hands busy for a few minutes! I had boys who needed my attention!

Forget that grape craft! Can we talk about these smiles?!?


Math time for the boys!



We are working on counting, especially Tate. So rolling the dice, counting the number rolled, and marking the number with some O’s cereal was a hit!


The gumball machine was a quick activity, but they love stickers!


The boys are ever diligent in their work. Chad and Lane worked in the living room on Monday last week, because the kitchen was SO hot. It was really warm and humid on Monday, and our air conditioner units have long been put away. We kept all the windows closed, because of the humidity. The living room was much cooler!



This past week, the littles learned the letter “C!”

We followed the curriculum, did some printables, read some go along books, and did some crafts!

And I have exactly four photos of ALL that. Brilliant!





We also rowed a FIAR book called The Gullywasher.

All of these FIAR books are so super cute!

Chad joined us for FIAR at his request. I loved that! To me that is the best part of a big homeschooling family!

We painted sombreros out of paper plates.

Pinterest was our inspiration.






We also did some sand art of a desert landscape. This was super fun for the kiddos, and we plan to do it again! We learned the best way to use the glue and sand, and want to have another go at it.








FIAR is a hit!

I have been asked several times recently about the curriculum we use for homeschooling, so I thought I would share that.

For Tate and Eliza, who are a Pre-K age, I use the My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum. I will teach them kindergarten again next year, with the ABeka curriculum, but I like MFW because it introduces ABC’s, phonics blends, and has a unit study feel to it. I did this same thing with Chad and Lane, and loved that Pre-K year and the foundation it laid for them! I add a lot of hands on things to this curriculum, and go along read aloud books as well. I also do not stress if they cannot do everything perfectly before we move on. It is just the foundation – and they will build on it next year.


Lane is in third grade. I use ABeka Math, Language and Read & Think, but I use BJU Press Spelling. Been doing it this way since Grant and Addie Mae were in third grade – and it is not broken, so I haven’t needed to fix it. Lane is also learning cursive and using Handwriting Without Tears for that.




For all Science, from elementary school through 12th grade, I use Apologia. Lane is reading Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day on his own. I assign a few pages a day, and then he draws and narrates in his Science journal about what he read. I also make sure I have everything on hand that he needs to do the experiments.



I use Five in a Row curriculum as well. It is a unit study and covers every subject in some way or another. Chad has been joining us for our FIAR study. This is our favorite part of the day, and where most of the crafts for the middle boys tie in!


Chad is in the 7th grade. I use ABeka Math,


Easy Grammar and Daily Gram for Grammar,


My Father’s World for Bible, History, and Literature,


Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology with the notebooking journal for Science,


and Handwriting Without Tears for Cursive.

Chad is also doing a typing tutorial this year – part of which he does on line, and the other part from a book called Keyboarding Skills.

Starting in sixth grade, I switch my kiddos from BJU Press Spelling to Spelling Power. I love this Spelling curriculum! It teaches spelling with a five minute timed test a day. All of the kids have done very well with it.


Chad has writing assignments through his History and Science curriculum, but I also assign writing assignments from a book called Story Starters. I also have several other writing prompt books that we use to prompt writing assignments.



One other thing we will be adding to our day soon is chapter book read aloud time. Reading aloud to the kids is one of my favorite things to do! As the temperatures are dropping outside, these winter like activities come alive inside. I wonder what our first read aloud book should be?

That sums up our school book choices for this year! Our book work takes less than two hours in the morning – and the rest of our day is filled with learning as well – whether by just living life, doing scripture memorization, doing projects and crafts together, cooking and baking together, playing games together, or serving someone together. Every aspect of life is about learning! My goal as these kiddos teacher is to teach them to LOVE to learn! I still love to learn! It is such an important skill to have!

I LOVE teaching our children school. It is the best way to spend my days and such a great calling!

Moments Like These

So I’m down on my knees



Help me soak it all in


I want all of this life



That you let me live


When time flies by



Lord remind me to breathe


My Heaven on earth



Are moments like these


Words from the chorus of Moments Like These by Selah.

Photos of Adoni Acres Family Farm….our little piece of Heaven on earth.

Fun Facts Friday!!

It’s Friday!!

You all have me sitting down right now.

I think I will just sit here a little while.

What a crazy, busy week! In all very good, crazy, busy ways!

The weather here in our neck of the woods has been warmer than it can be this time of year.

I am not complaining about that!

We have had some cold snaps here and there – and are in one now – it is 29 degrees on this ridge this morning!

The landscape outside is beautiful and looks very much like fall, and now it is starting to look like fall on the inside of this big ole farm house too!

Games that have collected dust all summer long are back out.

Life on the Farm is a favorite game around here!




Lane is usually walking around with a deck of cards trying to get someone to play a game with him!


My big (but not big enough these days) red pot has returned to its permanent fall and winter spot on the stove top,


and I have been wearing my new furry slippers all day long!


I actually have been a little leery of wearing my big furry slippers, because we are still in fleas-be-gone mode.

Which, for those of you who know me well, know these fleas are STRETCHING me. Ahem.

So, after I did the daily vacuuming in our fleas-be-gone regimen, Chad looked at me and said, “Mom, it could be worse. It could be lice.”

Hello Mr. Glass Is Always Half Full.

Good grief! That boy is so much like his Dad that it freaks me out!!

Both our pups have been ban to the mud room, their bedding thrown away, the rugs gone too.

Sorry pups. But it is just GROSS!

Hopefully we will conquer this VERY SOON.




I ordered a stack of books last week, and Addie Mae and I are plowing through them.

Another fall like activity!

The Ludy’s ministry is so powerful, you all.

Check them out!


Let’s talk chores now!

Having a school schedule and a chore schedule is the most genius thing EVER.

I did not think of it on my own – I learned it in my second year of homeschooling way back in 2001, and have never looked back. This family, their ministry, and amazing books have taught me so much!

Some of my favorite chores that get done weekly are: vacuuming with the hose, cleaning the clutter out of the vehicles, dusting the ceiling fans, and dusting the cobwebs.

My all time favorite would be the daily swiffering of the floors. My people know I am a clean floor kind of gal. Dirty floors seem like clutter in my head!




When the seasons change, do you all find yourself reflecting on this same season one or two or three years ago?

I tend to do that! I do not know why!

I have been reflecting on this season two years ago.

Eliza was just home, and we were preparing for David and Kayla’s wedding.

I remember how badly I wanted Eliza to attach to some kind of “lovey”, so she could carry it and keep it close to her to feel secure.

I thought it would also show that she had the ability to nuture something.

Well, the only thing I managed to get her attached to, besides her thumb which she was sucking that very first day we met her, was my hair.

I am so glad I have a photo of her doing this!


She would run it through her fingers while she sucked her thumb.


Somewhere along the way, my hair is not her thing anymore.

She actually has several “loveys!”

The cat she calls Sophie, and drags her EVERYWHERE.

The white burp clothes she calls hamburgers (no idea why!), and only uses them to sleep.

The taggie I bought for sensory reasons, but she is attached to it, and uses it to sleep as well!

Makes my heart sing.

Yes, it does!


My trainer taught me some new stretches recently – and I am just so grateful!

I feel AMAZING after I do them!

I actually lay on top of that tube – with the tube under my head, back, and bum.

Then I open up my arms, lift them above my head, back down and around – over and over again.

It really opens up my shoulders, neck and back.

So simple! But life changing!



The kiddos and I invaded Clyde’s place for lunch and a walk on Tuesday. We stopped in a local store to look around, and I saw this table! I think we are going to paint our kitchen table and chairs this way! It looks SO cute – and our table needs some new life brought into it.



Speaking of being down in the valley – Eliza had a haircut this week too!

She did amazing. Used words the whole time. Not one tear or meltdown. Our sweet baby is SO cute!!


This crazy busy week has been a good one! Thankful again for that schedule we use to keep me focused on the priorities. I know everything else will eventually get done.

I did spend a huge chunk of time getting Tate and Eliza set up for their urology and neurosurgery check-up appointments in Madison in December, and in getting all of the referral letters sent to our insurance company by our local doctors so these appointments can be approved. We will have an over night stay for those appointments, but will be able to get all of their testing (with sedation) and doctor appointments done in two days time. Praise the Lord! We also have an appointment at that same time in Madison to get Tate fitted for a special car seat, so he can ride in the van without his back hurting so much.

Our contract with our realtor has expired, so Blake and I also spent another huge chunk of time this week getting the farm listed for sale by owner. Whew! Still resting in Jesus for His perfect plan!!

We had a great week of school, with lots of learning and fun things going on too!!


And don’t forget – it’s FRIDAY!!

And you know what that means!


I don’t feel like Blake and I have looked at each other much this week, so there will be some coffee, hand holding, staring at each other, and I am sure my funny hubby will reintroduce himself to me somehow – Maybe like “Hi! I’m the guy killing all the fleas in your house every night when I get home!” HA!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Family Photos 2016

For my birthday at the end of September each year, our oldest daughter Kayla blesses me with a family photo shoot!

These take purpose to make them happen, but are SO, so worth the time and effort!

I treasure the photos from our photo shoot each year!

This year we took a second shooter with us so David, Kayla and Clyde could be in the photos.

This was a MUST for me!

So thankful for our sweet friend and helper Alyssa that day!

The kiddos did SO great!







A few of just Blake and I!



Some candid’s while we regrouped everyone!




Kayla took some head shots of each of the kiddos too.

Grant Evan, 19 years old.






Addison Mae, 18 years old




Chad Ryan, 12 years old.




Lane Stevan, 8 years old.



Tate Owen, 5 years old.





Eliza Claire, 4 years old.






I had to have some of David, Kayla and Clyde too!

It was my birthday present, after all!!


Clyde Strength, almost 11 months old.





I could not be more thrilled with how these turned out!

If and when we move, I hope to print some of our family photos to hang on the walls of wherever will be our new home!

And that’s a wrap!!


Thank you SO much, Kay!!! I love you three so much!!