Our Week So Far

This week has been oh so good so far!

We have showed the farm twice already!


Monday’s showing was during the lunch hour, so I took my crew to the local Co-op for some good eatin’!

Then we parked on the main road, walked and window shopped, and then stopped in the library to look at books and play.

It was the MOST beautiful day!

We came home and played and played outside!

We also grilled burgers for dinner!


I need to re-think the quantities of food I make now with Grant gone!

I usually eat leftovers for breakfast, and I have had plenty this week!

We are still keeping after our school work.

Chad has finished several of his subjects for this year, so he just adds the time he was working on those to doing double time on the subjects left.

He is one motivated kid!

A few warmer days brought smoothies to the menu!

A few warmer days has made our puppy a smidge CRAZY.

Oh my word.

Where does she get all her energy!?

Blake is still harvesting this week.

The littles are always watching and waiting for him to come home!

Hoping for another warm and sunny day soon!

Are you all having a good week too?

I sure hope so!!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!!

Resurrection Sunday

What a wonderful weekend we had!

A nice Saturday at home working on projects and then in the evening preparing our dinner for after church on Sunday.

I always have a great crew of willing and smiling helpers!

These two were on my potato crew!

The menu included white cheesy mashed potatoes, and mashed yams.

This cutie juiced all the lemons for the lemonade!

The menu also included one of our favorites – asparagus wrapped with bacon.

Chocolate fondue was our plan for dessert – so we made some yummy cashew cookies to dip with!

Iced tea brewing here!

Looks like my help is laying down on the job!

Sunday morning started EARLY.

Addie Mae had to be at church by 7:15 for worship team practice, and there were another two guys who were leaving by 7:00 as well.

Blake was going to Nebraska with Grant to get him settled! Grant will be working there with a family we know, for at least a month.

We were very sad to see him go (there were tears! Lots of tears!) but very, very glad for this great opportunity!

We miss you already, Grant!

Hannah, her sister and I took the rest of my crew to church!

Church was beautiful.

The sermon is something I will NEVER forget.

One that will just stick with me forever.

Love how the Lord does that!!

We had David, Kayla, the grand babies, and friends in for dinner after church.

Then the babies took much needed naps.

Kayla had planned an egg hunt, but it was SO windy when we got home from church.

We hid the eggs in the hayloft instead of outside.

Eliza thought she might die waiting for the egg hunt to start!

She said, “MMMOOOOMMMM! I have been waiting my whole life for an egg muffin game!”

SO cute!!

The egg hunt crew, besides the grand babies, all lined up and ready to go!

Run and find those eggs!

After our friends left, we finished out the evening with bubbles.

SO perfect!

The wind had died down and it was a beautiful evening!

We were missing Blake and Grant and needed to keep busy!

I can’t wait to buy a gallon of bubbles to refill those wands!

Memories made again and tucked deep into our hearts!!

The reason for our celebration yesterday was not lost in the food and fellowship.

The kids and I have spent a lot of time this past week reading and talking about Jesus’s death and resurrection!

I wish you all could see these two littles soak it ALL in and hear the questions they ask!

What a privilege to be their Mama and pour into them this way!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and beautiful celebration yesterday too.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Fun Facts Friday!!

Good grief, it’s Friday!!

It seems like it was just Monday!

Our week is all a matter of perspective.

So I am here to say it has been GREAT!

We will be adding some beautiful horses to Adoni Acres farm soon!

The bay’s name is Gridlock and the paint’s name is Gambler.

Aren’t they beautiful?!

As the weather gets warmer, my goal is to change our schedule quite a bit and drop Tate and Eliza’s naps.

It will be a transition for sure – and I have been slowly working on that this week!

You can see here how well it has been going, ahem.

There is a recent birthday boy who had a gift card to spend.

So I took these two and that gift card to town to do just that!

Legos for the win!

We have been keeping the farm and house in shape because our realtor has been showing it about twice a week!


We have some spring projects that we are getting done too.

Many hands make light work – even when it is freezing cold and feels nothing like spring!

Part of the fun of warmer weather is seeing our kitties again!

Do you remember our new stray, Callie?

She sure stuck around!

The warm barn, being fed twice a day, and having our other cats as friends might have had something to do with it!

She is a SWEETIE.

Even though we are only getting glimpses of warm weather here, and it has not been sunny hardly at all, I made honey ginger lemonade one day.

It tasted like summer!

Most days still start right here.

The kiddos have been listening to a lot of stories on CD!

I took the everyone to visit Blake at work one afternoon!

He was harvesting miscanthus grass on the next ridge over.

This grass is perennial, grows all summer long, dries over the winter, and then is harvested first thing in the spring before it starts to grow again.

It is then burned for bio energy.

It was a fun field trip, but very loud and dusty!

Eliza did not want to get out of the van, so I stayed in the van with her.

I also got to be at my happy place this week!

We had dinner with our favorite people while the farm was being showed one night!

Kayla has an egg hunt planned for Sunday, so us girls worked on getting it ready!

There also has been lots of intense therapy going on this week, for our sweet baby.

She deserves nothing less.

I found this new treat on date night!

They are yummy and come in many fruit choices!

Wow, a lot of my photos look blurry!

That will just say more about our week, I suppose!

I need to purpose to use my big camera again!

We plan, Lord willing, to have a big meal after church on Sunday with our family and several friends!

I LOVE, love, love planning, cooking and baking for other people!

I am going to make these Champagne Oranges – a recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

I have made them before! We reduce the sugar by less than half, and use honey. We also use the sparkling white grape juice version.

Do you all have plans for Easter Sunday?!

The resurrection of Jesus is the reason for our faith!!

What a great thing to celebrate!!

I hope you all have a beautiful resurrection Sunday!!

Happy weekend, everyone!!