Valentine’s Banquet

Last night we attended a Valentine’s Banquet put on by SWAP (Student’s With A Purpose) at our church.

It was such a wonderful date with my Valentine!

And a wonderful evening spent with our church family and dear friends!

There was a photo booth!

An Italian meal of lasagna, salad, bread and dessert!

Beautiful decorations and lighting!

Beautiful music!

A sweet couple who spoke which encouraged and challenged us!

Hannah and Addie served at this event by working in the kitchen.

Grant served us by watching all of the other kiddos here at home.

This was our church’s second annual Valentine Banquet!

There were over 40 couples there – probably 100 plus people with all of the servers and helpers!

We are already looking forward to next year!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Fun Facts Friday!!

Hello Friday!!

Hello longer days!!

I know we still have a lot of winter like weather to endure….but there is a hint of what’s to come!

Like birds chirping outside the kitchen window, and daylight after 5 p.m.!

It’s been a good week here at Adoni Acres Family Farm!

How about for you all?

Our new puppy, Jax, had a little surgery a week and a half ago – we had him fixed.

Poor boy!

Jax came home from surgery wearing a cone on his head!

The vet said we could come back and get a cone if he bothered his stitches – and I said “No way! We will take one NOW!”

Jax has been around long enough that I just knew he would need it right away!

The first night he figured out how to get that cone OFF.


SO, we duct taped it together.

Then he figured out how to bend just right to get to those stitches.


SOOOO….I pretty much kept a close eye on him, and thankfully at night he could not bend that way with the cone on in his crate!

YES – we still LOVE this pup!!

This is the only photo I could find of him with the cone on!

Eliza drags him behind her with that toy rope all the time!

Yesterday we got this big ole farm house all shining so a realtor could come take a look!

It seems the first sign of me feeling better is that my eyes seem to see things that I do not see when I don’t feel well!


Good grief.

I just don’t go down to that dungeon basement very much.

When we showed the realtor the basement, I have to say that it just struck me so vividly the history in this place we call home!

Just look at this basement wall!

That was built stone by stone in 1877!

CRAZY to think about!

Then it got me to thinking about the bricks on the main part of the house.

The outside walls are three feet thick of solid bricks.

They were laid brick by brick as well!

In 1877!

Isn’t that amazing?!

I have some plans to try to bring some life back to some of our things after we move.

We got this church pew off Craig’s List years ago for $100.

It is from a small country church in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Me and a can of Annie Sloan black chalk paint have a date with this beat up old thing!

Our snow is melting!

It is supposed to be above freezing during the day this whole week – so I bet all this snow will be gone quick.

Down in town there is hardly any snow!

We still have quite a bit though.

Every morning I pull up the front of Eliza’s hair.

With a tiny rubber band.

And every morning she asks me “Mama, can I pick the band aid?”

And every morning I say “You mean the rubber band? Sure, honey!”

And then we do it all over again the next morning!!

So much I never want to forget.

Just so it’s not lost on you either, just look at our sweet baby cuddling a doll.

That, folks, is healing!

When our sweet baby can nurture a doll.

It makes a sob catch in my throat.

You just have no idea.

I am hanging on SO tight – because I have been there and done this before – and my big kiddos looked like this JUST yesterday.

Since Jax made Fun Facts Friday, I thought I would give our other two pups a spot on here too!

Sadie is one very well trained dog.

No, I had not one thing to do with that!

She is Chad’s – and he has done AMAZING with her!

I cannot wait till spring when she can run the farm with the kids!

Sorry for the bad lighting the sun caused in this photo.

What am I saying?!

I am super happy that the sun did that!

First of all – it’s the SUN!

Second of all – it kind of made the messy boots behind Sadie a little blurry!

It seems Sadie is always chewing on a bone like she is here.

Zoe is our old pup.

She is 15 years old!

She is always freezing cold, so the kids make her a little warm spot.

Sweet girl.

She still loves to be loved!

I am sure you know what Friday means for me and my crew!

I have a GREAT crew!

Addie Mae took Eliza as her grocery helper today, and I thought Eliza was going to split in half she was SO excited!

My boys are working on some school we did not finish this week, and Tate is playing nicely.

I better get after my own Friday chores, because I have some grand babies coming over later and a date tonight with the most amazing man!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

A Celebration

Yesterday we had a celebration of sorts!

Those of you who have been following along here may know that we have been on quite a blessed journey to health.

I poured my heart into a post about my journey to health here.

We have been taking Craniobiotic Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease (among a few other things) from a chiropractor who practices in Onalaska, about 40 minutes from our farm.

Yesterday the four youngest kiddos and I all had check-ups!

And the report for each of us was very encouraging!

So this Mama took her crew to Starbucks!

We got some decaf Americanos (the littles had orange juice!) and then said cheers to celebrate a little bit!!

Chad took this photo and I just LOVE it!!

I have to admit that after I started CBT treatments in March of last year, the healing process was long and hard.

By September, though, I was starting to feel like I have never felt before!!

In November we were scheduled to have Phase 2 of the treatments.

When our doctor saw how much still needed to be cleared from my body, he asked if I wanted to space the treatments out, or to even wait a while longer.

I am a get it done kind of gal.

So of course I said “Just do it!”

Oh boy.

These last three months have been rough health wise for me.

I also was dealing with that nasty upper respiratory infection.

Just in the last week or two, I am starting to feel amazing again.

I do not know what the Lord will ultimately do in regards to my health, but I do know that I am thanking Him every single day.

I thank Him when I am not feeling well, and I thank Him when I am feeling amazing.

This journey is HIS PERFECT PLAN.

For me.

He chose this journey FOR ME.

If I cannot use it to make Him look good, to give Him some fame, or to give glory to His name – well, then it would have had no purpose on this side of Heaven.

I just could never stand that fact.

It just needs purpose on this side of Heaven.

It makes it ALL so, so worth it.

Will you say a praise with us?

Celebrate a little with us?

Thank you, Jesus, for the healing your are allowing me and my family.

We are just not worthy.

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Mr. Sunshine

There have been a lot of our “normal” things going on here, but the one thing that has not been normal this winter is seeing Mr. Sunshine.

Today is the first day since last Wednesday that Mr. Sunshine is not high in the blue sky!

It has done all of our hearts some good to see that sun shining, even if it is through the windows while we work on school!

The girls thought it looked so inviting, they headed out Sunday afternoon for a looonnnngggg walk!

Normal things around here include date night!!

We had an unusual one this week when there was a very disturbed man in our favorite coffee shop.

Of course, my hubby tried to buy him something and witness to him!

I, on the other hand, was screaming on the inside!

Unfortunately, we did not get very far in our conversation with him when we knew it was time to leave.

So we drove around some neighborhoods sipping our coffee instead!

Speaking of coffee – they had a new choice this week!

Cold brewed coffee re-steamed to be hot.


It was the smoothest coffee I have EVER had!

We are already talking about our date night this Friday when we can get another one!!

While talking about dates and my hubby, let me mention we started to plan our anniversary trip on Sunday evening while the kiddos played cards around the table!

My hubby likes to travel, and used to travel about 45 weeks a year with his career before we moved to Wisconsin 15 years ago.

I am a home body, and can be home ALL the time and be perfectly satisfied and happy!

We are talking about going somewhere warm this year!

That will take a lot of guts on my part – but I want to bless my husband!!

Time will tell where we plan to go!!

The kiddos play games a lot in the winter – another normal thing!

I love seeing them all around the table – and those bigs giving the gift of time to those younger ones!!

This is never lost on my Mama’s heart!!

More normal things around here are usually broken things!

Big families are just HARD on stuff!

So….when Grant walked out of the main bathroom in the middle of giving one of our dogs a bath and had the faucet handle in his hand, we knew we had a problem!

Especially since the water was pouring from the faucet still!

The only way to turn that water off, was to turn the whole house off.


Blake RAN out the door and made it to Menards 10 minutes before they closed!

He threw everything he could think he would possibly need into a cart, paid for it, came back home and installed a shut off on that bathtub so we could turn the water back on.

Then the next day he got a new faucet handle to fit exactly, and replaced the handle on Saturday afternoon.

He had the boys involved in this repair which is the BEST part about broken things!

They learn so much at their Dad’s side!

So thankful for my handy hubby – I must say!!

I am SO thankful too for the normal we are having right now in doing school!

I LOVE teaching school!

My students are joyful, easy to teach, good learners, and fun to share my days with!!

We spent some time after Chinese New Year learning about China!

The littles even watched a Curious George about Chinese New Year!

It was cute.

Last week the littles learned the letter “F” and this week we are on to the letter “X”!

Working in the kitchen is a VERY normal thing.

Thankful that I LOVE to cook and bake!

And thankful for my helpers!

Being with my grand babies is a favorite normal thing!

Besides us visiting Kayla and the babies, Kayla has been joining us for lunch on Fridays – and we simply LOVE that!

I took these photos of an adorable boy (who was ready for his nap) while his Mama was getting ready to leave and was loading the car!

We have slowly, very slowly seen AMAZING healing in our two precious cherubs.

I just stand in AWE at how they are doing lately.

Especially our sweet baby girl who just has SO much to overcome!

Tate has been home 18 months TODAY!

Eliza has been home two and a half years!

Where has time gone?

They are the most precious and adorable five and four year old I know!

We are enjoying this season SO much!

I hope you can see all of the blessings in the normal things in your lives too!

There are blessings in EVERYTHING!

Count them!!

And then praise the Lord for them!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!