Girl’s Weekend

When us girls received an invite to a wedding shower that would be held in the Amana Colonies, we decided to make a weekend trip together to attend!

Of course, River got to join us too.

We left the guys to hold down the fort, and headed out Saturday morning.

It was only a four hour drive, so we only stopped once about half-way there.

Once we got to the Amana Colonies, we checked into our cute little motel room, and then headed out to walk around all the cute shops!


And 57 degrees!!

We got some delicious coffee before heading back to our room to get ready for the bridal shower.

Besides the time with my girls, the time I that I had with River was SO precious too!

There are usually many wanting my attention all at the same time!

The wedding shower was so beautiful and meaningful.

There was a meal and gifts, but also a very special devotion and a time where we all prayed over the bride-to-be!

The next day we joined the bride-to-be and her family at their church for sunday school and worship, and then ate a delicious lunch at their home before dragging ourselves away for the drive back to Wisconsin!

I can’t remember the last time the girls and I had time to share our hearts like we did this past weekend!

Kayla and I both were more than ready to be home to our littles, but we enjoyed our girl’s weekend so very much!

Our Sweet Girl

Today is the day that we would have been at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital for Eliza’s hip surgery.

Excuse me a sec while I praise the Lord, again, that this is not happening today.

A few weeks ago, when we sat all the kiddos down to tell them surgery was cancelled, I wish you all could have seen how Eliza took this news.

We literally could see every single part of her soften and relax, from her toes to the top of her head!

Being this sweet girl’s Mama is such a rewarding thing.

On that day four years ago that we first saw her photos and video, I had no idea the amazing journey the Lord would take us on.

I spent most of that morning on my knees in my bedroom begging the Lord to see fit to allow us to have Eliza’s file.

He answered those desperate prayers that day, and I can’t even bare to think what if He had said no.

This sweet girl and I have come so far.

Yes, both of us.

The Lord has used Eliza to change me.

I am so glad He has.

She has SUCH a tight hold of my heart strings, and I hope she never, ever lets go.

The Lord has certainly blessed our efforts to bring healing to this beautiful girl….even though I am sure He is not through yet.

She has become such a confident, smiley gem – and she has such a bright light to share with the world!

Our sweet girl Eliza Claire, I am not worthy to be your Mama, but my heart skips a beat every single time I hear you call me by that name.

I love you more than I could ever say!

And I could never be more thankful than I am today that we are sharing cookies dipped in milk instead of waiting for you to come out of surgery!

Praise the Lord with us!!

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts

There is a creative side to me that needs to come out once in a while.

I used to achieve this by making scrapbooks full of our family photos.

Now-a-days I plan crafts for Tate and Eliza and sometimes make the craft with them!

Lately the middle boys have been asking to make the crafts I have planned for the littles!

The more the merrier!

I get all my craft ideas off of pinterest.

What did we ever do before pinterest?

Here the kiddos are making Christmas trees out of paper plates.

At first I just had out pom poms, beads, and white yarn.

Then I dumped out our envelope of stickers!

The stickers were a hit with the littles.

Much more to their level.

The trees turned out cute and each one was unique!

Yes, there was glitter EVERYWHERE!

I searched one morning for some crafts that we could add to our Christmas tree as ornaments.

It is so big that it looks kind of bare!

I saw this craft and so we tried it out!

It was going ok until we had to bake them.

They were STINKY.

Like really, really STINKY.


I was cooking plastic at 450 degrees!

What was I thinking I would smell??

We had the whole house open while they were baking for the 12 minutes they needed to bake.

Praise God for 50 degree days lately!

They came out of the cookie cutters easily, and the results were cute.

But we won’t be making these ones again.

I have another cookie cutter melting craft planned though!

With peppermint candies!

Now that should smell good!

I just LOVE, love, love planning things like this for the kids.

And they all get so excited over the most simple things!

It is never lost on Blake and I how much enthusiasm these kiddos live life with!

They never need to be impressed – even the little things bring them so much joy!

I think there will be lots more crafts in our upcoming school days!

Our Day To Day

Last week we took a break from school for the Thanksgiving holiday!

I had originally planned to have school on Monday and Tuesday, but when Eliza woke up Monday morning and I saw how swollen the left side of her face was, I knew our day was not going to go as I had planned.

She also was having pain and crying about it hurting.

Eliza and I headed to the doctor Monday morning to have her checked out.

The doctor was not sure what was going on with Eliza’s cheek, and wanted to wait and see how the next couple of days went.

Tuesday morning when Eliza woke up, the outside of her cheek was red, and it was still just as swollen, if not more swollen, and still hurting.

By the time I called the doctor, the red was streaking up her nose and was on her forehead.

Back to the doctor we went, and got some antibiotics.

Just to set the story straight – Eliza would not do the natural things we wanted her to do before I called the doctor instead.

The infection was making us nervous!

So we chose antibiotics, and I am glad we did.

She drank her antibiotics twice a day without any problems!

We took a little buddy to the doctor with us the second time!

I love how the Lord knew these two needed each other.

Since we are speaking of strange medical happenings around here, I could mention that a couple weeks ago Eliza woke up with this on her hand.

We used warm compresses and some essential oils to try to draw the infection out.

It got worse before it got better!

Our sweet baby girl!

We also had the privilege the weekend before Thanksgiving to keep Clyde and Ellie while David, Kayla and River went on an anniversary get-away trip!

Now, I am here to tell you, this is the GOOD life!!

Even when I can’t get a proper photo of that GOOD life!

I had lots of helping hands that weekend, and when it was over we all agreed it was the BEST weekend ever!!

Minus the poor photography, of course!

Some other day to day things include our weekly trip to the library!

Some times we stop for a treat while we are in town!

And some times we bring a pilgrim home from the library!

Guitar practice is a daily thing around here too.

I LOVE hearing those guitars in this house!

Having working people come and go is normal too.

Sometimes some little people hang on tight so they can’t leave!

Chad time is always a sweet time on our schedule!

Chad plans something for the younger three for 30 minutes while I run around like a crazy lady getting some stuff done!

Our days here are FULL – but I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

This is such a sweet season we are in!

As always, there is SO much I never want to forget!