I just downloaded over 150 photos from my phone from the last two and a half weeks!

Smart phones are great for capturing memories, aren’t they?

I am sure in this season of our lives, our youngest children would not have hardly any photos of them if it were not for my phone!

I won’t put 150 photos on this post, don’t worry!

I do have some for my scrapbook here though.

Saturday morning started very early for the boys and Blake as they traveled several hours to spend the day with the dog trainer and breeder who we got Sadie from.

Chad was SO excited!

This was his birthday gift from December!

They had a GREAT day!

I sent a huge lunch for them!

But there were treats too!

They went straight from the breeder to the races that night!

It was Kenworth night at the races and the middle boys got to ride in the pace car!

Since Addie Mae works on Saturdays and Hannah was gone, that gave the littles and I the morning alone together!

We started the day with a treat breakfast while watching a show.

Then we headed out to go to the farmer’s market and then to the library to play for awhile.

The littles could play at this library all day!

They love it there!

Of course we had to stop on the way, kinda on the way, home to see our favorite five people!

I had sent some store bought cookies with the guys for their lunch, so I saved some for the littles too.

Afternoon snack was a treat of dunking cookies in milk!

We did some coloring while listening to a book on You Tube.

I really enjoyed coloring!

Once Addie Mae got home from work, she got us girls working in the kitchen to get ready for Father’s Day.

I only took one photo on Father’s Day!

I was enjoying the fellowship too much to think about photos!

We had a nice meal after church and a nice afternoon with our favorite people, including Auntie Gail.

I think Grant always has the most fun though!

He and Clyde are best buds.

What you can’t see here is that Tate is behind Grant on the other side of that swing.

SO sweet!

Bright and early Monday morning took the littles and I to the pediatrician for their five year check-ups.

Our post-placement adoption paperwork prompted this visit, but I was wanting to do it anyway!

We have some new appointments that will be happening because of this check-up.

Tate is being re-evaluated for speech and physical therapy.

Eliza needs to have a sleep study to see if she has obstructive sleep apnea.

We will be waiting, however, on Eliza’s sleep study until after we meet with the surgeon about her hip surgery.

That appointment is next week.

These two partners in crime did amazing through the long appointment on Monday!

This week we started up summer school again and got back on our schedule.

Since we are not packing up a farm anymore!

It has been AWESOME.

We start the morning with breakfast, chores, and then two and a half hours of school like activities.

The kiddos LOVE to get after a day!

They may have gotten that passion from their Mama!

She LOVES, loves to get after a day too!

Chores are a blessing to a home that runs smoothly.

This one was a sleepy head and had to do his chores after school!

We have been enjoying a sunset walk almost every evening too.

The kids ask for it as soon as we sit down to eat dinner!

When the farm was being run, we would spend our evenings working hard with Blake once he was home.

Taking walks is quite different from those memories, but we are enjoying it too!

We still haven’t bought the littles helmets, but we are not allowing any speeding on bikes!

Actually, no speeding on anything with wheels!

We have been backing our way out of the house again for showings!

We have had two so far, but one was a virtual showing by a realtor on face time for a client who lives out of state.

They want to come see the farm in person, so we expect that will be happening soon.

I have to be honest, I am not even sure how to pray for this anymore!

I hope that doesn’t sound as awful as I think it does.

It is just SO confusing!

But we are THANKFUL, as always, for SO many things during this time!

God is GOOD!

And He knows BEST!

I guess I will close with this photo – because it is just SO TATE.

It shows his personality PERFECTLY!

What a precious gem!

Hope you all are making some good memories this week too!!

Happy first day of summer, everyone!!


It’s FRIDAY!!!

This week has been full of emotions.

Confused. Grateful for protection. Disappointed. Thankful for direction. Humbled.

If I even wanted to wallow in self-pity, you all would NOT have allowed it!

The outpouring of love and encouragement through comments here and on IG, texts, e-mails, private messages, phone calls, and even snail mail (you know who you are, sweet friend!!) has been AMAZING.

Thank you all.


Thank you.

On Sunday we found what we thought would be our sweet little new home.

Out in the country, on top of a beautiful ridge, on acreage with beautiful old, old trees.

The house was partially built, and the owner was going to finish it for us!

On Tuesday when we called him to tell him what had happened, I think he was as disappointed as we were.

Such a beautiful little home on such a beautiful spot.

It had the most beautiful views!!

It seems that this little house will get snatched up by someone else fast, but the Lord knows if it is meant to be ours.

So we are ok either way!

I did manage to put all the boxes upstairs away!

We decided to leave the living room that is full of boxes the way it is, because we gave away the furniture anyway.

We have slowed ourselves down this week, and have really been focusing on being together.

The littles are VERY confused, and they need focused time with us right now.

Evening walks have been SUCH a hit!

Tate and Lane had a little collision one night while on our walk.

It looked HORRIBLE.

Tate hit is face and head on the road.

He was on a big wheel, so he did not have a helmet on – but will be wearing his helmet no matter what from now on!

Lane’s bike tire also ran over Tate’s arm.

But he is OK!

SO thankful!

This week Eliza has had a bad cold and has not been feeling well.

After being up and down two nights in a row with Eliza complaining of ear pain, I ran her to our family doctor to have her ears checked.

All was good!

She is feeling a bit better everyday!

Eliza and I stopped to see Kay and those precious grand babies on the way home from the doctor!

It was kinda on the way.


We stopped to see the grand babies Sunday after church too!

And their parents!!

Being at River’s place makes me SO happy!!

The pool and the weather are warm enough now for these kiddos’ Mama to swim with them!

Their Mama does not like cold water!

We had such a fun afternoon swimming this week.

Tate is gaining confidence in the water!

He cannot hold himself upright in the water, but wears a vest and an inner tube and floats around.

Eliza is a little fish!

She swims and swims and swims the whole time!

She is SO happy in the pool!

It is SUCH great therapy for our sensory girl!

We tried to have a snack in the yard after our swim, but the gnats had us running for the house within minutes!

Well, tonight we had a second showing for someone who had looked at the farm before the offer.

We are excited to see how things went!

All I can think about this week is WHO God is.

Doesn’t that just put things in instant perspective??

He created THE WORLD.

He created ME.

The things that we “go through” while living in our temporary home here?

They are SO SMALL.

We serve a GREAT BIG GOD!

We are SO excited to see how our GREAT BIG GOD writes the rest of this story!!

Stay tuned!

I will be sure to share the ending here!!

A Closed Door

I just posted this to Instagram a few minutes ago –

SO….well then. This is the current state of our home. 🙈 And the buyers have walked away. Yep. But here’s the thing. Because we love the Lord, we believe closed doors are protection and direction. 🙏 So we are humbled and thankful! And we are living in this big ole farm house with A LOT less stuff. #imighthavesoldalotoffurniture 😂 We hope to get our deposit back on the rental duplex we secured, and start back at square one! We said all along – nothing is done until it is done. It is true. #thankyouJesusfordirection #Godwritesthebeststories #trustinHim #adoniacresfamilyfarm #somuchtobethankfulfor

Being NaiNai

I can’t seem to find the words.

Being NaiNai just keeps getting better ALL the time.

River Salem is a gentle, calm, sweet baby!

His name means “river of peace.”

He is already living up to his name!

I cannot wait to get to know him better and better!

We will be across the street soon, precious boy!

I know we will treasure this wonderful season of life with you River!

NaiNai loves you!!