Tate’s Turn

Friday night it was Tate’s turn to go on a date with Blake and I.

This boy is a GEM.

Just like it was with Eliza’s turn, it was so, so very fun to have him all to ourselves!

First, I got to have some one-on-one time with Tate as we did some shopping before we met up with the guy who buys the coffee!

A stop at Target scored Tate some popcorn while I worked on printing registries to buy wedding gifts.


Everything we did, he would excitedly say “Can I save some for Eliza?!” “Can I get that for Eliza too?!” “I want to buy this for Eliza!”

His heart is just the best!

So I let him buy some Melissa and Doug binoculars.

Blue ones for him and a pink one for Eliza!

He kept them around his neck while we did all of our other shopping.

Blake caught up with us at Sam’s Club.

We grabbed the remainder of the grocery we needed, but the kiddos had done the bulk of the grocery shopping earlier that day!

Pretty soon it was time to head to the coffee shop.

I had packed a snack cooler, and we had stopped to buy some ice cream for Tate.

We let him play the tablet, well, because Eliza had, and they were pretty set on having the exact same date night!

Tate did choose chocolate ice cream instead of mint chocolate chip.

Sorry, Eliza!

Tate talked and talked (in his usual fashion) and I was SUPER glad that I got to focus on every word he said because there were not others talking over top of him!

One-on-one time is a HIT.

I couldn’t love you more, Tate Owen!!

Yesterday morning started with a wild game of hide-in-seek for Tate and Eliza!

In their pjs and with their binoculars, of course!

Next up will be Lane.


So is his Mama!!

I wonder what he will want to do for date night?

I just hope it includes ice cream!!

Life Lately

Time to fill up a couple pages of our scrapbook!

Life lately has been about a lot of normal things.

We had such beautiful, warm, summer-like days over the weekend and at the beginning of the week.

The kiddos have been enjoying the horses!

We put the horses fly masks on because we had just enough summer-like days to bring out the flies.

We always enjoy being outside!

The warmer weather meant popsicles and iced tea!

We had a great week of school with some kiddos who had such happy hearts!

There has been rain. A LOT of rain.

And storms. A LOT of storms.

Even so, the Lord still blessed us with views like this –

There has been good food!

Because I have a daughter named Addie Mae!

There were some fun rainy afternoons just BEING together.

My favorite part of this week!

We also enjoyed a library visit!

These kiddos look at books ALL the day long!

They might have gotten their love for books from their Mama.

It is cccooolllddd today.

And raining. Again.

Love when the kiddos wake in the morning and plop right in front of the fire!

I have been spending time on these rainy days researching.

There is always, always something new I need to learn!

This week has been all about Eliza’s upcoming surgery.

I cannot let this appointment at the end of June sneak up on us!

We need to be informed and ready to ask good questions as we schedule her surgery.

We do not know the exact reality of what will be happening to Eliza, but she will be having an open reduction of both of her hips – we just do not know which type of reduction the surgeon will recommend.

She will also be placed in spica cast for for up to 3 months.

This is a body cast that will keep her hips in the position they need to be in while her bones heal.

There are many obstacles we will be facing with this surgery – but honestly, none of them have us on our knees more than our desperate prayers that we will keep Eliza’s heart.

We are also hopeful that we can wait to do surgery until summer is over.

For the obvious reasons of that huge cast.

Maybe I should have stuck to my photography research instead, huh?

My heart is thinking so too.

At least its FRIDAY!

Which means my grocery crew is out making memories and filling that van with food!

We are going to whip this house into shape and get ready for a very fun-filled weekend!

There is also a cute little Chinese cherub who doesn’t know it yet – but he is going on a date tonight with his Daddy and Mama!


Happy weekend, everyone!!!

A Blessed Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day (and also on my birthday each year) the kiddos ask me to tell them something special that I would like.

My answer is always the same!!

To have everyone together on the farm.

So that is what they planned for Mother’s Day – and it was JUST PERFECT!

We also had a fish taco bar and a dairy-free chocolate raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

That was all JUST PERFECT too!

And SO yummy!

I mean, seriously!

Just look at this cheesecake!

As if that all was not enough, there were cards that were filled with the nicest words and gifts to open.

Have I mentioned that we have so. many. broken. and. worn. out. things. here?

Well, it’s true, it’s true.

Two of the gifts I received replaced two things that are broken!

I opened a new four piece toaster and also received a new swing for our big ole willow tree!

The fellowship filled my heart to overflowing!

Hannah and Bekah were here for most of the day, even though I do not have a photo!

Auntie Gail was able to join us for the day too!

I would say we were all VERY happy about that!

Especially this sweet baby!

This photo just makes my heart sing!

I had put in a request that my Mother’s Day gift be having the pool set up and filled.

Well – they did that too!!

I am SO spoiled!!

We enjoyed a beautiful day on the south side of the farm while the pool was being set up and the swing was being put together!

The kiddos had popsicles and played in the sand that was spread out for underneath the pool.

Check out this cutie who is eighteen months old going on twenty-two!

Thanks, Chad, for assembling the swing!

Pretty soon the walls of the pool were going up!

And then it was time to play in the FREEZING cold water while the pool filled!

Crazy, yes, but it’s a tradition!

They had a blast!

One more photo!

We are ready and waiting anxiously for that sweet Baby K to arrive!

Isn’t Kay beautiful?!

I thought I might have to title every post “The Best Day Ever” – because that is how the days feel right now!

One, after another, after another!!

I certainly had a very blessed Mother’s Day!

I hope that all you Mama’s out there had a blessed day too!

A Day On The Farm

It feels like summer here!

Warmer weather means it is time to get the farm in shape.

Yesterday was a BIG work day on the farm.

There are normal things to do like mowing and trimming and weeding and transplanting plants.

Grant blessed me by transplanting the raspberries off of this hill and up into the garden!

There are bee hives that need to be gotten rid of too.

But we also had a huge project to start yesterday, because the wall of our milk house is caving in!

The boys dug out the outside, then helped Blake build a temporary wall on the inside.

Then they knocked the wall down!

Now they are ready to rebuild it. It will just take time!

The littles had a BLAST being outside all day on such a nice day!

I enjoyed being outside too!!

And taking photos!!

Those specks out there are Hannah and her sister Bekah!

They bring me so much JOY!

We all worked hard yesterday and it was a blessed day on the farm!

Here’s to another beautiful day today!

My favorite people will be here this afternoon after church – and I am very excited about that!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!